Property Management in Logan Circle

Logan Circle Property Management

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Logan Circle, Washington DC

A predominantly residential neighborhood, Logan Circle is a trendy area know for the charming Victorian homes around the namesake traffic circle as well as beautiful architecture and stately mansions. Considered to be one of the richest neighborhoods in DC, Logan Circle has much to offer from stylish international restaurants to chic boutiques and quirky antique and art scene.

Residents of Logan Circle will enjoy a completely walkable neighborhood with deep history and urban convenience, with everything you need just a short stroll away.

Benefits of Owning a Rental Property in Logan Circle

Investors looking for a high-yield know that rental properties are the way to start. Investment properties serve as a source of supplemental income as well as a great long-term investment. Here are a few additional benefits of investment properties in Logan Circle:

  1. Desirable Location
    Renters flock to Logan Circle for it’s historic charm and convenient walkable neighborhood.
  2. Tax Deductions
    Landowners can deduct money spent on repairs or mileage driven to buy materials and visit housing. Interest paid on properties can be deducted. The number of tax deductions could be surprising.
  3. Building Equity
    As tenants fill your rental property and pay a monthly rent, you will be building equity in your investment and paying down your mortgage principle.
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Self-Management vs. Professional Property Management

Chevy Chase property managementThere are many benefits to hiring a Washington, DC property management company. The company is meant to be a screen between you and your tenants. From marketing and lease signing to rent collection and eviction services, your DC property manager can take the hassle out of the day to day management responsibilities.

Property management companies are kept up-to-date on landlord/tenant laws and can prevent a landowner from getting into trouble.

They can also advise owners on how to make the most of their tax deductions or how to seize the best available investment opportunities.

Property management companies can be counted on to deal with the legal and financial issues related to having tenants. They will act as your accountant and rent collector. They will begin eviction proceedings if tenants don’t pay rent and take problem renters to court.

Do you have the time to screen new tenants, conducting background and criminal checks, calling references to find the right tenants? Do you have the staff to deal with two complaints at once?

When landlords have an issue, property management companies have a structured response with contractors and other professionals in reserve, ready to act in a coordinated effort to solve tenants’ problems.

Why Choose Bay Property Management Group?

The Bay Property Management Group Washington DC is a leader in Logan Circle property management, a market they understand better than anyone. Their customer service is available 24/7, and their monthly fees are among the lowest of any property management company in Washington, DC. The company has a diverse advertising campaign to get new listings on the market to fill rental units fast. They also research potential tenants’ incomes, backgrounds, and credit for any liability. This approach guarantees strong market exposure to the best potential tenants for your property.