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Property Management Fishtown PA near PhiladelphiaIf you’re looking for property management in Fishtown to help manage your rental property, look no further than Bay Management Group.

Broker-owned and operated, dealing in only the rental property business, and offering complete property management services to those in Fishtown, PA, Bay Management Group is the number one customer service rated property management team in the region.


Why Hiring a Property Management Company in Fishtown, PA is a Good Idea

Anyone who has been in the rental property business in Fishtown for some time knows that managing rental properties is a large undertaking. However, with boundless growth, plenty of investment opportunities, and the hopes of supplementing income well into retirement, property owners continue to work hard.

But what if you could work a little less and still reap the benefits of owning rental property?

The good news is you can.

By taking advantage of Fishtown property management services, you can continue to own and control your rentals while letting property managers handle everything else, including:

  • Advertisement of vacant rentals across a multitude of platforms
  • Thorough tenant screening for credit scores, income verification, and criminal history
  • Legally compliant lease drafting with appropriate lease provisions
  • Staging and showing of properties to prospective tenants
  • Rent collection services
  • 24 hour, round-the-clock maintenance and repairs
  • Help with rental registrations and certifications (inspections included)
  • And so much more

As you can see, employing a Fishtown property manager to help you with your rental property can take a load off your plate. This is especially true if you own a large portfolio of properties.

There is a lot of work that goes into owning and managing Fishtown rental properties and the tenants that reside there. A lot of work you may not want to do yourself.


So Why Choose Bay Management Group to Manage Your Fishtown, PA Rental Properties?

Property Management Company in Fishtown PABay Management Group has become one of the most trustworthy property management companies in the Fishtown region, and for good reason.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable management team on hand to answer all of your property related questions and concerns, as well as those of your tenants. Further, we offer competitively low property management rates, making our property management services worth the money you spend.

Take a look at some of the services Bay Management Group can provide in your Fishtown rental properties:

  • Complete Legal Backing. Though no property wants a bad tenant in their rental property, it happens from time to time. And sometimes you may even find yourself with a lawsuit and a pending court date looming over your head. In times like these, Bay Management Group has your back. Knowing all landlord-tenants laws as they apply to your Fishtown rental property, understanding the eviction process from start to finish, and promising to guide you through any lawsuit related to your property, Bay Management Group stands by your side and helps you fight for what is right.
  • Routine Inspections. Bay Management Group is not the type of property management team to place a tenant and never deal with your property again. In fact, we take it upon ourselves to routinely check the interior and exterior of every property we manage to ensure they are being well cared for by the tenant living in them. Further, you are notified of any issues that may arise in your income property.
  • Financial Transparency. Every property owner has the right to receive full income and expense reports for each Fishtown rental property. Bay Management Group is dedicated to providing you monthly and yearly financial reports, as well as the required 1099 at the end of the year, so you know how healthy your cash flow is at all times.

No matter the type of property you own in the Philadelphia community of Fishtown, whether it be commercial or residential, Bay Management Group takes a proactive approach to property management.

From leasing to maintenance, inspections and emergency repairs, Bay Management Group is the right choice for those looking to lessen the pressures that come with the daily management of Fishtown rental properties.


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