Do you know someone looking to rent out their home? Bay Property Management Group offers a referral fee to anyone who refers a new client for property management services. We offer a tiered payment structure where you earn a minimum of $200!

Tiered Payment Structure:

  • 1-3 new units at $200 per unit
  • 4-10 new units at $150 per unit
  • 10+ units at $100 per unit

Simply fill out the form below, and Bay Property Management Group will send a check once we have a signed property management agreement and the home is leased.

Note: If you are a licensed realtor, please visit our Realter Referral Program page. You will be required to submit the Realtor Referral form and submit your broker’s W9.

*Important disclosure: This offer is for new clients only and this form must be completed prior to the new client contacting BMG for property management services.

Please Fill Out Our Referral Form

Owner Referral Program Form
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Referrer's Address

Please let your client know that someone from our team will be calling so that the introduction will go smoothly. You can also refer your client to our website for additional information regarding our property management services.