Frequently Asked Questions by Tenants

When should I give my notice to vacate my rental?

It’s important to refer to your lease for the specific terms, however, most leases require at least 60-day notice.

When do I have to notify my property manager about renewing my lease?

Notify your property manager in writing at least 60 days prior to your lease ending to let us know whether or not you intend to renew your lease. If you do not renew, your security deposit will be returned to you within 45 days of your lease expiring.

Are pets allowed in Bay Management Group’s rental properties?

Some rental properties are pet-friendly. If you already own a pet and plan to have it in your rental, you must indicate this on your lease. If you plan on getting a pet, please let us know before you do so. A pet fee may be required.

What if I’m locked out of the property or lose my keys?

If you are locked out of your Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Montgomery County, or Prince George’s County rental property, please call our emergency number at 240-778-3014.

In case of an emergency maintenance issue, who do I contact?

For a gas leak or no electricity, please call BG&E at 410-685-0123. If you have a water leak, please shut off the main water valve to the house or the closest valve to the leak and call the office at 240-778-3014. If it is after business hours the call will be forwarded to one of our property managers.

Who do I contact for general maintenance issues and repairs?

For repairs or maintenance, please call or email your property manager. Please include your name, address, phone number and a detailed description of the issue. Once we are aware of the problem, we will contact you to schedule a maintenance visit. Only emergency maintenance issues will be addressed after normal business hours.

When is rent due? And is there a fee for late rent payments?

Rent is due on the first of every month. If rent is paid after the fifth day of the month, a late fee of 5% of the monthly rent is assessed. Any check that does not clear the bank will be subject to a $25.00 fee plus any charges incurred from the bank.

What is required for a security deposit?

Each of our rental properties requires a security deposit. The security deposit can be one to two month’s rent, depending on applicant’s credit.

What is the rental application process and is there a fee ?

After you submit a rental application, Bay Management Group will check your work history, rental history, criminal background, and credit score. The process usually takes one business day, depending on the information provided. There is a $40.00 nonrefundable rental application fee required for each adult on lease.