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The Benefits of Property Investment

This small town is conveniently located only 15 miles from the larger city of Towson, home to Towson University where many Maryland residents go to receive a higher education.

Bel Air residents place a large focus on the arts and entertainment and proudly call Bel Air one of 22 Maryland arts and entertainment districts.

Artists, businesses, government, and cultural organizations come together as one to celebrate the arts in Bel Air.

There are even 5 popular venues that host regular events throughout the year.

The artistic flair Bel Air provides its residents and tourists alike cannot go unnoticed as it is made apparent in the Harford Council City Chamber gallery, churches, and even retail outlets.

Benefits of Owning an Investment Property in Bel Air, MD

Maintaining a rental property is a lot of work and can lead to a host of issues and loss of income. If you employ a Harford County property management company, they can take a lot of stress out of being a landlord.

Here are a few things professional property management companies will handle for you:

  1. Maintenance and repairs.
    Management companies employ a full staff for routine maintenance, and have contractors on retainer for larger projects.
  2. On-site evaluations and walk-throughs.
    Companies provide checklists and inspection services to keep track of your units.
  3. Legal documentation.
    Management specialists are well-versed in rental laws and all relevant documents, including lease terms and eviction notices.
  4. Tenant marketing.
    They know who the right audience is and how to market to them.
  5. Tenant screening.
    Management companies will thoroughly screen your tenants with background checks, credit checks, and references.
  6. Tenant retention.
    They are skilled in keeping tenants happy and getting them to stay long-term.
  7. Lead paint laws and removal.
    Property management companies assist with inspections and lead paint testing, and will provide you with services for lead paint removal if necessary.
  8. Property income management.
    Some management companies provide financial reports to help you manage your income.
  9. Rent collection.
    They offer timely and organized rent collection so you do not have to worry about lost income.
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Why Choose Bay Property Management Group?

Choosing a professional property management group to handle your rental investment does not have to be difficult.

Bay Property Management Group Harford County is one of the most trusted and reliable property management groups in Harford County Maryland and is available to help your manage your properties 24/7.

By leaving the management of your rental properties up to Bay Property Management Group you can expect things such as:

  • Full leasing services – Aggressive marketing techniques for maximum property exposure, exhaustive screening including background checks for things such as prior evictions, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, criminal history, sex offender registry, terrorist activity, and credit worthiness, legally compliant drafting of leasing agreements that are explained in detail to your tenants from the start, and detailed move-in inspections before your tenants begin occupancy to ensure your property is well-cared for throughout the lease term.
  • Detailed rent collection procedures – All tenants fully understand Bay Property Management Group’s policies regarding monthly rental payments and are made aware that there are serious consequences for non-payment, regardless of the reason or excuse. This ensures timely payments will be collected and delivered to you via direct deposit or standard check, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • Around the clock maintenance availability – Bay Property Management Group’s fully staffed maintenance crew is certified and reliable to make repairs to your property should damages incur. Tenants will have 24/7 access to the staff for any matter that arises, big or small, so that you will not be bothered at all hours of the night.

Although there are many property management groups to choose from to manage properties in the Bel Air region, Bay Property Management Group Harford County stands apart from the rest. They have a commitment to property management unlike any other group in town and are customer-service oriented in everything they do.

Choosing Bay Property Management Group will be the second best decision you make, next to investing in Bel Air, Maryland.