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Located 30 miles northeast of Baltimore, Aberdeen, Maryland is a small, pleasant town with only a little over 15,000 residents.

This tight-knit community boasts lower than average unemployment rates when compared to the national average, ranking in at only 5.3%.

In addition, the city’s annual expenditure on students is well above the nation’s other school districts, and has a 15:1 student to teacher ratio.

Though Aberdeen has a relatively small population, there is no shortfall when it comes to this town’s historical significance.

Home to the oldest active army proving ground in America, having been established in 1917 shortly after the start of WWI, the Aberdeen Proving Ground of the US Army helped our military troops test ordnance materials during times of war while in close proximity to the shipping yards for overseas distribution.

Spending the day at the United States Army Ordnance Museum will give residents a sense of pride in knowing their tiny town played a major role in protecting their nation’s freedom.

Aberdeen is also the birthplace to the famous Ripken family and has a minor league stadium dedicated to the contributions the entire Ripken family had on the state of Maryland and baseball in general. Seeing the Aberdeen Ironbirds play is a fun family event Aberdeen residents partake in every baseball season.

Benefits of Owning an Investment Property in Aberdeen, MD

While owning a rental property certainly isn’t for everyone, for those looking to increase their portfolios and secure their financial freedom in the future, investing in a rental property is surely the way to go.

If you have never considered owning an investment property in Aberdeen, Maryland, now is the time to do so. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why:



Asset Diversification

Tying up all of your money in stocks, bonds, retirement funds, and savings accounts may not be enough for you to achieve the financial success you desire.

While these types of investments are important, diversifying your assets by adding property investments will make for larger payoffs in the end.

With the return rates of investment properties toppling the meager profits you will receive from the banks, in addition to the financial security a rental home offers you long-term, owning a rental property in Aberdeen should be on your list of things to do.

Cash Flow

Related to the diversification of your assets to increase your financial success, renting a home to Aberdeen residents also creates a steady stream of monthly cash flow you can learn to rely on.

By choosing the right investment property you can realistically expect to generate anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars extra per month in rent payments in addition to your other means of income.

This kind of ROI is attractive to anyone looking to own and lease Aberdeen homes.

Tax Write-Offs

Rental property owners are entitled to several large tax write-offs each year which only add to the profit that is rendered throughout the year from monthly rental payments.

Depending on how you structure your investments, you may be able to write off things such as your mortgage interest, insurance, maintenance repairs, property taxes, travel expenses, and much more.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Property Management in Aberdeen, MD

Property Management in Aberdeen, MD

While managing a rental property on your own is doable, it is not always advisable.

Hiring a Harfrod County property management group to handle issues related to your rental home, whether big or small, comes with many benefits such as:

  • Higher quality, more qualified tenants that you can depend on
  • Saved time since you will not have to deal with any tenant related issues such as maintenance requests or complaints
  • Quick and professional rent collection procedures
  • Thorough and routine inspections of your property to ensure the proper care of your home
  • A knowledgeable team to deal with complex legal issues such as lease drafting, non-payment of rent, eviction processes, and major property damage
  • And so much more

In the end, hiring a professional property management company to assist you in all matters related to your investment property is the best way to maximize your profit and minimize your stress levels.

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Why Choose Bay Property Management Group?

If you choose Bay Property Management Group Harford County to manage your Aberdeen rental properties, rest assured every little detail will be handled professionally, efficiently, and in accordance with local and state laws.

While many property management companies provide services unrelated to property management, Bay Property Management Group is fully committed to only property management services.

With unparalleled customer service, both you and your tenants will have access to the friendly staff at all times, with a guarantee that all of your concerns will be handled in a timely manner.

Here is a look at some of the reasons Bay Property Management Group is consistently rated as one of the best property management teams Maryland has to offer:

  • Client-dedicated focus on finding and screening quality tenants and keeping turnover rates low.
  • Around-the-clock maintenance availability so tenants never have to worry about a repair.
  • Aggressive advertisement of all properties to increase exposure and make the most profit for you once your property is leased.
  • Knowledgeable of in investment property legal matters so you stay out of trouble.
  • Complete financial transparency so you know where your money is at all times.

By using Bay Property Management Group Harford County for all of your rental property needs, you will never have to worry about a thing. Leave the management issues up to them so that you can begin focusing on the life you desire, minus the hassle of managing your own rental property.