Temple University Property Management

temple university property management

Temple University in Philadelphia (Photo by JEREMY ELVAS / THE TEMPLE NEWS)

Top Property Managers near Temple University

If you’re looking for property management near Temple University to help manage your rental property, look no further than Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia.

Conveniently located along Broad Street, the area surrounding Temple University is a growing and appreciating area in North Philadelphia, as both the city and University have teamed up to gentrify the area. This now sought-after neighborhood for investors offers both single-family and multi-family investment opportunities at a cost much lower than other neighborhoods throughout the city. The proximity to the University allows for rental rates similar to other neighborhoods and residents of this up and coming area will enjoy easy access to downtown Philadelphia via car, bike, or public transportation!

Why Hiring a Property Management Company near Temple University is a Good Idea

Anyone who has been in the rental property business for some time knows that managing rental properties is a huge undertaking and a ton of work and stress. However, with boundless growth, plenty of investment opportunities, and the hopes of supplementing income well into retirement, property owners continue to work hard.

But what if you could reap the benefits of owning investment properties without all the stress?

You can! And Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia can help!

By taking advantage of our property management services in the Temple University area, you can continue to own and control your rentals while letting property managers handle everything else, including:

  • Marketing vacancies across the many online platforms
  • Thorough tenant screening to include credit & background checks as well as rental history & income verification
  • Legally compliant lease drafting with appropriate lease provisions
  • Staging and showing of properties to prospective tenants
  • Rent collection and eviction services
  • 24-hour maintenance support
  • Help with rental property compliance and licensing
  • And so much more

As you can see, employing a property manager to help you with your rental property near Temple University can take the hassle out of being a landlord. This is especially true if you own a large portfolio of properties.

There is a lot of work that goes into owning and managing Temple University rental properties and the tenants that reside there. A lot of work you may not want to do yourself.

Start Maximizing Your Rental ROI Today

So Why Choose Bay Property Management Group to Manage Your Temple University Rental Properties?

Fishtown Property Management

Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia has become one of the most trustworthy property management companies in the Temple University region, and for good reason.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable management team on hand to answer all of your property-related questions and concerns, as well as those of your tenants. Further, we offer competitively low property management rates, making our property management services worth the money you spend.

Take a look at some of the services Bay Property Management Group can provide in your Temple University rental properties:

  • Complete Legal Backing. Though no property wants a bad tenant in their rental property, it happens from time to time. And sometimes you may even find yourself with a lawsuit and a pending court date looming over your head. In times like these, Bay Property Management Group has your back. Knowing all landlord-tenants laws as they apply to your Temple University rental property, understanding the eviction process from start to finish, and promising to guide you through any lawsuit related to your property, Bay Property Management Group stands by your side and helps you fight for what is right.
  • Full leasing services. Bay Property Management Group takes advertising of your vacant property seriously. Hitting all the major search engines, classifieds, off-site marketing locations, and even utilizing direct mail, rest assured you will have a tenant in your property quickly. Plus, know that each tenant is carefully screened before placement so that things such as poor credit scores, criminal backgrounds, and prior evictions do not come back to haunt you mid-lease.
  • Rent Collection. Taking a professional approach to rent collection, Bay Property Management Group guarantees your tenants fully understand the rent collection policies and procedures prior to move-in. With high expectations and a no-excuse policy for late rent, know that your money will hit your bank account on time, every time.
  • Maintenance and repairs. So that you don’t have to make midnight emergency calls to your properties, Bay Management Group offers a 24/7 on-call maintenance staff to handle all property maintenance and repair requests. Using only qualified and insured contractors, you never have to worry about shoddy work that breaks the bank.

No matter the type of property you own in the Philadelphia community of Temple University, whether it be commercial or residential, Bay Property Management Group takes a proactive approach to property management.

From leasing to maintenance, inspections, and emergency repairs, Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia is the right choice for those looking to lessen the pressures that come with the daily management of Temple University rental properties.