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Top Property Managers in Rittenhouse Square

At Bay Property Management Group Philadelphia, you can expect to receive full-service property management services at one of the lowest monthly management fees in the Philadelphia region.

Dedicating to providing both property owners and tenants superior customer care, staying updated on all federal, local, and state laws regarding all things property related, and maintaining your properties as though they were our own, you will always have the peace of mind that your investment properties are in good hands.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Management Company in Rittenhouse Square

Does the thought of self-managing your Rittenhouse Square rental property stress you out?

If so, it is time you consider employing a property management team in Philadelphia to help you.

An experienced property manager will take a proactive approach to managing your rental properties in the best ways possible. Further, the property management company as a whole will provide you valuable resources so that your rentals stay occupied for as long as possible at the highest rent rate possible.

With a top notch Rittenhouse property management company you can expect things such as:

  • A professional and non-discriminatory approach to tenant screening
  • Legally compliant and no-nonsense lease agreements that your tenants understand
  • Complete financial transparency so you always know the status of your profits and losses
  • A knowledgeable team of real estate professionals that can help settle landlord-tenant disputes both in and out of court
  • The comfort of knowing your rental property is being well-maintained

Altogether, a good property management team will work with you to improve your rental property business over time. In fact, they will help you to become the best property owner you can be.

Start Maximizing Your Rental ROI Today

Why Choose Bay Property Management Group for Your Rittenhouse Square Property Management Needs?

As Rittenhouse Square’s leading property management company, Bay Property Management Group has what it takes to make you a success.

Not only will we relieve some of the hassles and stress that self-management of rental properties can cause, Bay Property Management Group aims to give you the valuable information needed to become a successful property owner in such a competition and appealing area.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive if you employ Bay Management Group to help you manage your investment property:

  • Top Notch Resources. Bay Property Management Group takes an aggressive approach to advertising every client’s rental, and we aim to secure tenants within 30 days or less of the properties being vacant. Further, we have an extensive website full of resources to help you improve your rental property business, solve common problems you may be facing, and inspire you with ways to generate more positive cash flow.
  • Round-the-Clock Maintenance Crews. With skilled licensed and insured contractors working closely with our property managers, you can expect nothing less than perfect maintenance and repair work on your property, and at reasonable prices too. Plus, you will never have to experience any more late night emergency calls when you have our maintenance crew on hand 24/7.
  • Strict Rent Collection Policies. You want to know that you will get paid each and every month. Well, Bay Property Management Group assures you that will happen when you work with us. With convenient online payment options, a zero tolerance approach to late payments, and the legal knowledge to begin the eviction process right away if necessary, you will not have to worry about not being paid on time.
  • Thorough Inspections. It can be tough not knowing how your investment property is being cared for at all times by your residing tenants. However, at Bay Property Management Group, detailed move-in and move-out inspections are always well documented. In addition, routine inspections are conducted to ensure your tenant is following through on his obligations to your property as is outlined in the lease agreement Bay Property Management Group helped you draft.

As you can see, Bay Property Management Group has an unrivaled commitment to managing your Rittenhouse Square rental properties for you, so you don’t have to.

Save yourself some money, time, and stress by employing Rittenhouse Square’s most reliable and friendly property management company around. Your tenants will be treated fairly, you will garner your highest ROIs to date, and best of all, you can begin enjoying your daily life without all the hassle of managing a rental property.