Why Requiring Renters Insurance for Your Maryland Rental Properties Is a Must

As a landlord, protecting your rental property likely comes as second nature, and having an insurance policy in place is an essential part of that. Landlord insurance provides a wealth of protections that homeowners insurance can’t begin to touch however, there’s another form of insurance you may be overlooking. Renters insurance policies are a must-have … Read More

What to Look for When Inspecting Your Maryland Rental Property

When you invest in a rental property in Maryland, you are taking some risks. From your financial standing to your investment portfolio, maintaining high-quality properties is crucial to operating a well-oiled rental property. One of the best ways to protect your investment and ensure a high-quality property is to obtain a regular rental property inspection. … Read More

How to Set a Rental Price for Your Vacant Prince George’s County Rental Property

Setting a rental price for your Prince George’s County rental property can be a difficult and challenging task. You have a mortgage to cover, plus additional maintenance expenses necessary for proper upkeep. But, you need to consider many other factors before you set your rental price. In fact, Bay Management Group recommends that you do … Read More

Tips to Make Your MD Rental Property More Appealing and Durable

The spring rental season is quickly approaching, making winter the perfect time to prepare for new tenants. By performing rental property upgrades and replacing certain property fixtures, such as lights, cabinets, and flooring, you can tackle some of the smartest ways to boost your property value and increase attractiveness to new tenants. Even if you … Read More

Finding a Tenant for Your MD Rental Property in the Offseason

October typically signals the beginning of the offseason for rental property owners. Not many people are willing to move during the colder weather, so Maryland rental property owners often have trouble finding tenants in the winter months. Traditional marketing and advertising methods may be effective, but MD property owners will likely notice fewer leads and … Read More

Navigating the Rental License Process for Your HOCO and MOCO Rental Properties

Rental property ownership in Montgomery County (MOCO) and Howard County (HOCO), Maryland requires special rental licensing and registration. Each county has specific rental license requirements and processes according to the type of property you own (single family vs. multi-family). As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to successfully navigate the rental license process before welcoming … Read More

New 2018 Smoke Detector Laws: Are Your PG County, AA County, Montgomery County and Howard County Rental Properties Compliant?

As a rental property owner, part of your duties is to ensure smoke detectors on your properties work and abide by Maryland’s laws. Otherwise, you could be liable for fire-related property damages, injuries, and deaths. As of January 2018, Maryland has an updated Smoke Alarm Law you must obey as a property owner in the … Read More