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Which Website Should You List Your Vacant Property On?

You know your investment property is perfect for Maryland renters, but you have not figured out how to get the word out that it is available.

While you could advertise in local print publications, advertising online is one of the best ways to communicate that you have a vacant place that is ready to rent.

Whether you have a loft, small bungalow, or several homes to show, there are some great online venues to get the word out.

Affordable and easy to use, some of these websites offer mobile management and information about renting, too.

Here are some of the most popular sites being used by homeowners today to market their rental properties:

Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Hotpads.com, and More

These online renting and selling forums are based on the idea that consumers should have access to all the information for a property up front. They handle a variety of services including renting, selling, buying, remodeling, and financing among others. All of these sites post listings for rentals throughout the nation and are gaining more traction as household names. These companies also offer mobile apps to make the process convenient for both landlords and tenants.

Anyone with a rental property can post for free, and gain access to the rental network of sites, online management, and social media sharing opportunities. The benefit of using a free service like this is that you have the potential to reach a vast audience both locally and nationally, so whether your rental property is in Baltimore County or Prince George’s County you can get a lot of exposure. The drawback also comes from this fact. Since there are so many different listings to choose from on these sites, your rental property may get lost in the shuffle, especially if it is not one of the first listings to show up.



This site also posts rental properties throughout the United States, but is primarily used by real estate brokers, not individual property owners. A rental property owner looking to use this site would need to find an accredited real estate specialist who works with the network of realtor related websites and arrange a service and pricing through that realtor or firm. Bay Management Group has a brokers license and is able to post on all sites used by real estate agents and brokers.



Another nationwide service, Rent.com provides rental property owners with different sets of packages for rent listing services. The basic package, which includes 2-10 home listings, costs $49 per month. They list houses, condos, and complexes with 1-10 units. They guarantee 15 leads within a month or a user can get an additional month for free. For the fee, users can access leads through the site, post photos and details, and provide renters with peace of mind since the company verifies all listings.



Post your listing for free on Craigslist. The location-specific sites can help you rent your home without having to pay. The benefit of this site is that it receives a lot of traffic, but scams are more prevalent. If you are interested in posting on Craigslist, try Zillow first. They offer a professional-looking posting on Craigslist as part of their listing.


Your local newspaper

The newspaper has always been thought of as a good place to post your potential rental, however recently many have turned away from advertising in the paper. The cost can get very expensive by posting in your local paper on a daily and or weekly basis.
While all of these sites can be a good starting point, there is one other venue you might consider. A local property management company can handle listing your rental property both locally and nationally, while also providing other incredibly valuable services that can save you time and provide peace of mind — whether you have one property to list or twenty.


Have a Property Management Company Advertise for You

When you choose to use a local property management company, you will receive personalized service that is focused on helping you succeed. You do not have to spend time online or on a mobile site trying to manage multiple listing accounts.

Instead, having a property management company on your side means you have access to an entire team of dedicated professionals who are ready to help you with every aspect of your rental property, from repairs to managing tenant information and even a large array of advertising platforms.

If you are looking for the type of service that you can count on to help you far beyond the initial listing service, then Bay Management Group is a great place to start, especially with their low 8% monthly management rate.

Enjoy routine and emergency maintenance services, tenant screening, move in and move out reports, routine filings, rent collection, regulation compliance, registration, and much more when you choose to use a quality management company. Think about the time you will have to pursue career goals or travel while earning income on your rental property.


Make Your Rental Property Stand Out Online

Once you have decided to list your rental property with the help of a management company, it is time to consider how you want your rental property to appear to prospective tenants.

Inside and out, the pictures in your listing make a strong first impression to anyone looking for a rental home in the area.

Consider having some yard work done to spruce up the landscape. Find some seasonal plants and use some landscaping to make the house look polished and professional.


If your space has any great features that could be unique selling points, make sure to include them in the listing. From sound systems to outdoor grills or recent remodeling inside, there is something that sets your rental property apart.

A beautifully framed listing will be eye-catching and encourage more potential tenants to seriously consider your property.

Before you consider the “do it yourself” approach to listing, we hope that you talk with a representative from Bay Property Management Group to learn more about how the company can save you time and money, so that you can enjoy the extra income from an investment property without the hassle of personal management.

We look forward to helping your rental property reach its full potential with our comprehensive management services as your trusted property management company in the Baltimore-Washington metro area.