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Unique Welcome Package Ideas for Your Delaware County Tenants

When moving-in new tenants into your Delaware County property, it is essential to make them feel welcomed and at home. One of the best ways to make your new tenant feel at home is with a unique and special welcome package. We have five different package option ideas for you; however, we also recommend including a hand-written welcome letter with your gift! 


Welcome Package for Delaware County Tenants 


welcome package ideas Delaware County 

Local Package 

The local package is excellent, especially for those residents coming from another area. Include items like a local map, coupons to local restaurants, and gift cards to Delaware County restaurants and/or area activities. Great coupons/gift cards in this area would include Iron Hill Brewery, Clam Tavern, Xscape room, and more. Try to focus on local shops and experiences that are unique to the Delaware County experience. Doing so makes the gift more personal to the county. 


Food and Drink Basket

This is pretty self-explanatory! A food and drink welcome package could be as simple as a fruit basket or a basket that includes several items such as local treats, candy, popcorn, etc. Coffees, teas, and hot chocolate are always great to add for drink options. Also, consider including a branded tumbler to keep drinks hot/cold. Yeti is a great brand, but there are plenty of options depending on budget.


Electronics Package 

Everyone loves a “smart home,” and it can be as simple and affordable as an echo dot, smart light bulbs, or smart sockets for lamps and other items. These items are low cost and popular on Amazon. Some other affordable electronic items/accessories to include are a branded portable phone charger, branded pop-socket for cellphones, and branded phone cases. 


Essential Tenant Move-in Items 

In this welcome package, include any items tenants may consider necessary to have in their home that would be particularly helpful on move-in day! Some examples and ideas include; cleaning supplies, toiletries, hand sanitizer, dish soap, and picture hanging hardware. 


Good Smells for Your Tenant’s New Home

Who doesn’t want their new place to smell good? This basket could include a candle(s), incents, a diffuser (with a couple of samples), and other similar products. Keep in mind using neutral and calm smells like linen is best. Not everyone likes potent smells!

Always Include in the Welcome Package

We mentioned above to include a hand-written thank you note with each move-in gift/package. Some other items should always be included! See below for details.

  • Vendor Information – Most properties work with vendors such as furniture companies, cleaning companies, dry cleaners, and so on. Providing this information to new tenants will both please your vendors and the tenants. Many vendors will partner with landlords to offer discounts and incentives for new tenants.
  • Important Phone Numbers and Contact Information – Always include your contact information as well as numbers for emergency maintenance and on-call contractors. You should also include significant area phone numbers for things such as utility services, poison control, and local hospitals.
  • Warranty Information & User Manuals – Be sure to include the warranty (if applicable) information for the HVAC system, kitchen appliances, the washer/dryer, and any other items in the property that are still under warranty. Also, don’t forget to provide any manufacturer user manuals for appliances.
  • Property Policies – Keep tenants informed with information about trash and recycling, and community events. Be sure to include policy information regarding pets, smoking, and quiet hours where necessary.
  • Take-Out Menus – Although not necessary, including menus for local take-out and delivery is a thoughtful thing to do. Moving is stressful, and it may take a few days before your new tenants are settled and ready to cook a meal in their new home.

Items to Avoid in a Welcome Basket

  1. Potted plants – let’s be real, some tenants might love this as a gift; however, others wouldn’t know where to begin with taking care of a plant. Plus, these gifts should be effort-free for the tenant. It is more enjoyable that way (for most anyway)!
  2.  Alcohol – Some landlords like the give beer or wine as a gift, but you may want to avoid alcohol. Your tenants may refrain from consuming alcohol for various reasons and may find this gift offensive. It could leave a bad taste in some mouths (no pun intended). Not worth the possible repercussions.
  3. Strong Scents – As we mentioned above, candles and other smelly items are acceptable, but never choose anything too strong! Play it safe and avoid scented gifts!
  4. Perishable foods – Any food or snacks that stay good for a long time outside of the fridge are perfect. Avoid perishable items altogether. Tenants may be taking their time to move in and perishable items could spoil in the process. Not to mention, food is also a unique taste and non-perishable items like candy, chips, etc. seem to be liked by most!

Keep Tenants Happy


The best welcome package you can provide for your new tenants is a fantastic new home! Their new home should be prepared for their move-in day. Hire licensed contractors to prepare the home for the new tenants and ensure the work is done right! Be sure the home is clean and bright and make sure everything in the home is in working order. Nothing is more disappointing than arriving on move-in day to discover a mess or extra work to do!  You may also want to consider hiring a property management company to help you get your Delaware County rental property ready for your new tenant.