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Top Amenities Your Future Tenants are Looking for

If five years ago you could rent out even the most minimalistic apartment in terms of amenities, you might not get as lucky today. It’s 2013 and your tenants are spoiled with comfort and technology, and most of the time willing to pay for both.  If your property doesn’t have those “essentials” your potential tenants are looking for, they’ll move on with their search.

So what is on top of that apartment priority list? Bay Property Management Group is here to share the most wanted amenities.

Washer and Dryer

No one likes to drive to a laundromat, not even if it was right down the street. In-unit single-family washer and dryer is what tenants want. Doing laundry is a chore, and the less time, effort and distance it takes to carry the packed bins back and forth, the better. A shared laundry room could do, but nothing beats the comfort of top-of-the-line appliances you are free to use whenever you want. If your property doesn’t already have washer and dryer, consider making room for them, because it can significantly improve your chances of finding tenants.

Stable high-speed Wi-Fi

Back in the days (post dial-up actually) all you had was an Ethernet cable that plugged in the back of your computer to go online. Today, people have dozens of devices that connect to the internet wirelessly. From laptops and mp3 players to tablets, cellphones and gaming consoles – they all need to access the network, often simultaneously. A bad Wi-Fi connection or a lack of one is a deal breaker for many tenants, because they rely on it not only for entertainment, but often for work and personal interactions with others.


Storage space is often an issue when it comes to choosing a place to live, especially in apartment complexes. Even if they have the majority of their possessions tucked away in a storage unit or grandma’s basement, tenants still want ample storage space for things they use frequently enough to keep them close. Think about bikes, sports gear, beach and cookout accessories, kids’ toys, etc. – these things need a room. If you have an opportunity to provide your tenants with additional inside or outside storage, use it!


Everyone wants to feel safe in their home. Besides regular smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, your tenants might be happy to see house alarm, outdoor security cameras, motion-sensor lighting and other precautionary measures. As Baltimore property managers, we think these features will be especially useful in highly populated urban areas, particularly in apartment complexes where many people share the same living space.

Outdoor space

Every once in a while it’s nice to step outside, sit on a rocking chair and enjoy the sunset, cook yummy burgers on a grill or simply have a cup of morning coffee. That’s if there is an outdoor space to do all this. Cookouts and barbequing is a big part of American culture, so if there is a chance to give your tenants some kind of outdoor space, take it. It could be a balcony, a deck, a patio or a backyard with a spot for a grill. Evaluate your options and try to make it happen – your tenants will love it!