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Top 7 Ways Your Tenants Can Temporarily Decorate Your Rental Home


Even though your Howard County tenants do not own the property they lease from you, chances are they want it to feel like home; for the time being, it is their home.

Many property owners have strict rules when it comes to decorating or making any changes to the interior of their rental property, and rightfully so.  The last thing you need is a tenant going into your home and tearing up floors, painting the interior and exterior of the house bright blue, or digging a homemade pool in your backyard.

However, as a good property owner that takes pride in making their tenants feel at home and satisfied with their leasing experience, it is important to be flexible on some things when it comes to rental property decoration.

To help ease your mind that your Howard County rental property is not going to be turned upside down while tenants reside in it, today we are going to share some excellent temporary decorating tips you can forward to your tenants that are sure to make them feel at home.


7 Ways Your Howard County Tenants Can Temporarily Decorate Your Rental Home

1. If Painting is an Option

This may be a major pain point for many Howard County property owners, but try to have an open mind and at least consider allowing your tenants to take part in one of the most popular (and temporary) decorating techniques.

If your tenant is bored with the plain white walls you have provided them (after all, white is clean and crisp and looks oh, so good), they might want to spice things up with some colored paint.  This is especially true if they have a baby on the way and wish to paint the nursery.  Including a strict lease provision allowing tenants to paint with the condition they return the walls to their original colors upon move-out is a great way to get around the dilemma of paint.

If, however, you just cannot stomach the thought of letting your tenants paint, try to offer another solution such as removable wallpapers.  With all the appeal of a freshly painted room, yet without the mess and permanency some people feel paint has, removable wallpaper can help a tenant personalize your property without causing too many issues.


2. Add a Rug


Changing the flooring that is in your rental property is likely out of the question.  However, a great temporary decorating tip to recommend to your tenants is to have them add a large area rug.  Adding bold designs and color to a room, a beautiful throw rug can easily become a decorative statement.  And what’s great about rugs is that they move with your tenants so there are never any permanent flooring changes made.


3. Shelving

Though you may not want to allow your tenants to place holes in your rental property’s walls, the truth is your tenants will appreciate it a lot if you do.  Even if you have to require them to patch and paint the holes at the end of the lease term, being able to hang shelves and picture frames can go a long way when it comes to making a rental seem like home.

One great idea for livening up a room without excessive holes is to install a floating shelf that provides plenty of space to add multiple art pieces, picture frames, and various knickknacks.

If however, you simply do not want to deal with poor patchwork and shoddy paint jobs, one suggestion you can give tenants is to hang lightweight artwork and frames using double-sided tape – specifically designed for hanging things on the wall.  Rather than using nails and creating a lot of work for everyone involved (and possible permanent wall damage), the double-sided tape is easily detached at move-out time.


4. Faux Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are a coveted amenity in rental homes these days.  Unfortunately, it may not be in your budget to redo your entire kitchen’s counters.  That is not to say, however, that your tenants cannot bring the granite look to the countertops themselves.

With plenty of color options to choose from, your tenants may be able to add faux granite countertop wraps to your kitchen counters using something similar to the New Instant Granite™.  Easily placed over old countertops, and peeled back at the end of the lease term, faux granite countertops may offer your tenants just the look they are going for without any of the cost coming out of your pocket.


5. Window Treatments

Investing in expensive window treatments that your tenants may not like is usually not at the top of any rental property owner’s to-do list.  That’s why so many rental homes come with basic, neutral window treatments such as blinds or shades.

Yet, a great way for your tenant to add a temporary pop of color to any room in your property is to add their own window treatments.  Black out shades, long curtains, and valences all add a personal touch to any home and are easily removable at any time.


6. Hang a Disco Ball


Maybe not a disco ball per say, but one great home accessory that is temporary, fairly affordable, easy to do, and offers an entirely different vibe in the room it is placed is a new light fixture.

Whether that be a standing lamp, table lamp, hanging light, chandelier, or decorative night lights, adding stylish lights throughout your rental is sure to set the tone and add functionality to each room.

Plus, your tenant can take the light fixtures with them when they leave and use the lights they purchased in their next home.

Here are some unexpected places you may want to suggest your tenants add specialty lighting:

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Corners of rooms
  • Hanging on the wall
  • In the backyard
  • On the kitchen counter
  • In the closet


7. Bring the Spring Inside

Even if your rental property has a flourishing backyard full of trees, flowers, and shrubs, you can always recommend to your tenants that they bring some of the foliage inside.  Using beautiful pottery that matches their personal style, your tenants can easily add flowers, plants, and vines to any room in the home.  Not only are plants considered a healthy alternative to chemically infused potpourris and sprays, they are temporary and will not violate any of your established decorating rules.


In the end, working within your decorating boundaries, your tenants have plenty of creative options for personalizing your property as their own while they reside in it.  And, with a little bit of flexibility on your part, you and your tenants are sure to come to a compromise that meets the needs of both parties.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate your rental property decorating rules into a solid lease agreement that both you and your tenant agree to and are satisfied with, choose Bay Management Group as your property management company.

With experience drafting legally compliant and thorough lease agreements, as well as priding ourselves in the customer service we provide our property owners and tenants, Bay Management Group can help you draw up the perfect lease agreement.