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Top 5 Things to Emphasize in Your Tenant Welcome Packet

First impressions are vitally important in business. For landlords, this begins the very first time a prospective tenant reaches out. To create a great landlord-tenant relationship, the goal is to continually foster positive interactions, including during move-in. Providing new residents with a tenant welcome packet can help set the tone for the rest of the lease. In addition to being a kind gesture, a tenant welcome package can help your tenant navigate through minor issues throughout the lease term. So, to provide maximum impact for moderate effort, check out these essential things to include in your tenant welcome packet below.

What to Include in a Tenant Welcome Packet?

A tenant welcome packet does not need to be expensive or require a lot of effort. So, whether it is a basket of goodies or some bare necessities, this is a great way to show new tenants you genuinely care. Continue reading below for a list of everything you need to include in a welcome packet below.

  1. Vital Contact Information
  2. Relevant Paperwork
  3. Small but Important Necessities
  4. Local Essentials
  5. New Home Basics

Vital Contact Information

Before new tenants move into the rental property, landlords must ensure they have all the necessary contact information. This includes phone numbers for the landlord or property manager, emergency maintenance line, and emergency services such as police and the gas company.

In addition, include the email addresses of the property manager or management firm along with office hours. Furthermore, discuss with your tenants’ criteria to help clarify who and when to call regarding general inquiries, maintenance issues, or emergencies. Thus, lessening the stress and hassle everyone experiences when a severe or sudden maintenance issue occurs.

Relevant Paperwork


As a rule, landlords should try and digitize any paperwork or forms that they can. However, in any rental, some paperwork is necessary. That said, the tenant welcome packet must include a small binder or folder of essential paperwork such as –

  • A copy of the signed lease agreement
  • Rent payment procedures that reiterate how much to pay, rent due date, accepted forms of payment, and any applicable late fees.
  • Contact information sheet as described in the previous section
  • Step by step procedures for maintenance and repair requests
  • Simple step-by-step “How to” troubleshooting tips such as “How to Unclog a Toilet” or “How to Change an HVAC Filter.”
  • Move-in inspection papers and a list of scheduled routine inspections
  • Any significant restrictions you would like to emphasize, such as decorating rules and pet policies

Small but Important Necessities

Moving is a stressful time, and small items can easily get lost in the shuffle. As a landlord, you can help combat this by keeping rental essentials all in one convenient place for your tenants. That way, the tenant has everything they need immediately upon move-in, and landlords can guarantee they were received as suggested by Rentalutions. These items may vary based on the property but typically include –

  • Keys – Provide tenants with two copies of all keys, including unit entry doors, back door, mail box, gates, or storage shed. In addition, it is a good idea to have the number of keys and their use documented in the written lease agreement. Therefore, tenants know what they must return at the end of the lease.
  • Access Codes – Gates, alarms, garages, and even pool or gym rooms often require access codes. So, make sure any codes the tenant may need are clearly written and included in the tenant welcome package.
  • Remote Openers – Does the property have a garage, gated access, or key fob entry? If so, these devices are critical. Therefore, make sure your tenants receive all openers upon move-in. This will prevent problems and frustration in the future.

So, save yourself a great deal of hassle and include all the small necessities in the tenant welcome package. Thus, ensuring nothing is overlooked, forgotten, or lost in the shuffle.

Local Essentials

First impressions are lasting ones, and landlords have the opportunity to truly make a new tenant feel welcome and appreciated. One way to accomplish this in your tenant welcome package is to offer essential information about the local area. After all, chances are the property’s location was a critical deciding factor for the new tenants. So, introduce them to their surroundings by including some of the following –

  • Walking map of the local area
  • Carry-out menus for top-rated local restaurants
  • Copy of any local publications
  • List of local coffee shops, gyms, and grocery stores

In addition to this helpful information, consider offering a small gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop. Giving the gift of dinner is a great way for landlords to show they care.  Not only that, but tenants that take advantage of local amenities are more likely to stay long-term. For rental owners, this could equate to less turnover and better potential profit.


New Home Basics

Unpacking can be an arduous process that takes time. That said, landlords can help tenants with a few basic supplies to get them started in their new homes. So, some of the rental home staples to include in your tenant welcome package are –

  • Bathroom Essentials – Consider adding a roll of toilet paper, hand soap, tissues, shower curtain liner, or travel-size bottles of shampoo and body wash. That way, tenants can freshen up after a long day of moving without having to rummage through moving boxes.
  • General Cleaning – Basic cleaning supplies are a great addition to a tenant welcome package. For example, a mop and bucket, broom, toilet bowl scrubber, trash bags, and an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Kitchen Basics – Unpacking may take a while, so consider offering disposable plates, cups, and silverware. Another possible option is to include sponges, dish soap, or even a lovely dishtowel as a welcome gift.
  • Snacks and Drinks – Tenants who have been moving all day will certainly appreciate some cold bottled water or small snacks.

Make a Lasting Impression

Starting a new landlord-tenant relationship on the right foot is critical to a rental owner’s success. That said, providing a tenant welcome package is a great way to start as recommended by Baltimore’s best property management company, Bay Property Management Group. A tenant welcome package is more than just providing the essentials; it creates a lasting impression on your tenants. So, rental owners must use this as an opportunity to set the stage for a successful lease term and, hopefully, ongoing renewals!

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