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Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts for Investors and Landlords


Nowadays, one does not have to look very far to find information on all things real estate. However, real estate investing involves many variables that are unique to each investor and property. Moreover, with so many opinions on how to be successful, how can new investors find what is best? Real estate podcasts are a great tool. Regardless of whether you are just breaking into the industry or looking to expand an established portfolio. They offer expert advice along with tips and tricks from those already making money in the industry. Continue reading below for our list of the best real estate podcasts every investor could benefit from.

Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts for Investors

For investors, industry knowledge is an essential ingredient to success. However, learning the ins and outs can be an overwhelming task. Although they are great resources, not everyone has the time to read some of the fantastic books on real estate out there.

Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts for InvestorsAlternatively, investors can listen to real estate podcasts at the gym, in the car, or anywhere with little effort. As new podcasts pop up every day, let’s review some of our top choices below.

  1. Cashflow Diary
  2. The Real Wealth Show
  3. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show
  4. The Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast
  5. Real Estate Today Radio
  6. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast
  7. Apartment Building Investing
  8. The Remote Real Estate Investor
  9. The Real Estate Guys
  10. One Rental at a Time

Cashflow Diary

Are you are looking to improve strategies for closing the deal, prospecting, flipping, or rehabbing? If so, this is a must-listen podcast brought to you by J. Massey. The Cashflow Diary dives into real estate from several angles, including that of a real estate investor, sales coach, and entrepreneur. J.Massey creates a comprehensive industry podcast along with training courses that can benefit any investor. In addition, Cashflow Diary stays on the pulse of the industry, addressing current topics such as the rise of short-term rentals and how COVID has left its mark on the real estate market.

Check out 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Started in Real Estate or one of the many other daily Cashflow Diary podcasts available for streaming now.

The Real Wealth ShowThe Real Wealth Show

Kathy Fettke offers practical industry insight any investor can use to improve their own strategies and build wealth through real estate. As a mega-investor in her own right, Kathy is the author of Retire Rich with Rentals which became a #1 bestseller. In addition, her expertise has been featured on CNN, CBS MarketWatch, Fox News, and more. The Real Wealth Show’s weekly podcasts range from 15-minute snapshots to more in-depth interviews with other industry experts as well as everything in between. Check this one out for tips and advice to help acquire, manage, and maximize your investments, as well as understand how to create leverage in a changing market.

New to the industry? Check out How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes as a Real Estate Investor with special guest Brandon Pritzl.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show

With daily postings and a library of over 2,000 podcast episodes, this is a one-stop-shop for new or seasoned investors. Joe Fairless is an accomplished author and oversees over $900 million worth of real estate investments. In the Best Real Estate Investing Ever Show, Joe focused on no-frill practical advice on topics like flipping, new construction, rentals, and more.

If you are looking for a great place to start, check out Passive Investing in 2 Hours. This episode is part of a series with special guest Fernando Angelucci and offers helpful strategies for investors.

The Real Estate & Financial Independence PodcastThe Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Whatever investment you choose, the goal is to make money. Chad Carson uses the Real Estate and Financial Independence Podcast to help others achieve financial freedom. Plus, Chad practices what he preaches and has been investing since 2003 to achieve financial independence at only 37 years old. Each week, Chad discusses practical advice along with insight from other industry investors at various levels in their journey.

Buy and hold investors may find this podcast particularly helpful on the road to early retirement. However, if you are unsure where to begin, check out Real Estate Investing 101 – 9 Steps to Get Started (or Restarted).

Real Estate Today Radio

The first rule of real estate (or real estate investing) is location, location, location! Therefore, investors need to understand local market trends to both find investment opportunities and generate healthy profits. The Real Estate Today Radio podcast was founded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), aimed at helping listeners achieve homeownership. In addition, however, investors will find helpful insight into negotiating contracts, real estate trends, and everything you need to close the deal. Be sure to check out “How to Invest Like a Pro,” available on Google, Apple, and Spotify Podcasts.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

BiggerPockets has quickly become a recognizable name throughout the industry and a go-to source for all things real estate. Each Thursday, Brandon Turner and David Greene feature off-the-cuff interviews from savvy investors with varying backgrounds, niches, and experiences. This podcast, along with its popular blog, offers helpful real estate investment tools. These strategies are ideal for beginners or those already working in the industry. In addition, subscribers can download a free PDF Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing.

Nowadays, real estate investors know no borders. BiggerPockets shows why that is easier than ever with their episode, Your Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Out-of-State Investment Properties.

Apartment Building Investing

Michael Blank is an experienced investor and writer for BiggerPockets as well as other industry blogs. In his podcast, Michael takes on topics such as multi-family investing, finding financing, tax advice, raising private funds, and finding hidden value in your next deal. In addition, Michael focuses on building financial freedom through everything from apartments to mobile home parks. So, whether you are searching for inspiration, practical tips, or in-depth strategies, be sure to check Apartment Building Investing and one of their popular episodes, The State of Multi-Family in 2021.

The Remote Real Estate InvestorThe Remote Real Estate Investor

Roofstock is another well-known name that created The Remote Real Estate Investor podcast to fill a void. Technology along with dedicated property management firms have allowed investors access to profitable markets near and far. This podcast uses hosts Tom Schneider, Emil Shour, and Michael Albaum along with real-world case studies to address the opportunities and challenges facing long-distance investors including –

  • Identifying profitable opportunity areas
  • Analyzing potential deals from afar
  • Finding and vetting the best property management team
  • How to mitigate risk and insulate yourself

The Real Estate Guys

Since 1997, The Real Estate Guys podcast has been helping investors build wealth and investment strategies through real estate. Thanks to millions of downloads worldwide, it continues to be one of the most popular podcasts. Professional investor Robert Helms, along with financial strategist Russell Gray, drill down to the macro-economic trends as well as broader topics that affect an investor’s success in the industry. So, if you are looking for comprehensive financial education, this is a must-listen.

One Rental at a Time

If you have ever considered real estate investment but for some reason never got going, the One Rental at a Time podcast may be an excellent place to start. Michael Zuber offers this podcast, a YouTube channel, and book to help other investors benefit from his journey to financial freedom. That said, Michael’s 20 years of experience is accented by interviews with other industry success stories covering a wide range of topics. Therefore, whether you want to go all-in on investing or want to start while keeping your full-time job, this is one of the best real estate podcasts for practical advice.

How to Maximize Real Estate Investment Potential

Whether you own rental property around the corner or around the world, it can provide the financial freedom investors desire. That said, successful investment requires industry know-how, due diligence, and, most importantly – ongoing rental management. That last category of rental management can be where many landlords hit a roadblock. Owning rental property and managing rental property are different things entirely.

Rental management involves a litany of daily tasks. This includes rent collection, marketing, maintenance coordination, financial reporting, legal compliance, and customer service. So, savvy investors know that the best way to maximize profits while freeing up time to chase the next deal comes from hiring qualified third-party property management. Bay Property Management Group understands the challenges rental owners face. Our experienced team handles the everyday tasks, so you do not have to, all while balancing tenant wants with owner needs. So, give us a call to discuss the many benefits of full-service rental management today.