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Photography Tips for Successful Rental Property Advertising

Photography Tips for Successful Rental Property Advertising

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then photos are invaluable to rental property advertising. Images are the first thing a prospective renter sees, and landlords need those photos to make a lasting impression. That said, make sure that lasting impression is for all the right reasons! Dull, cluttered, blurry, or dark photos only do a disservice to all of the hard work you put into your rental property. So, continue reading below as we discuss the importance of photography in rental property advertising, plus helpful photography tips!

Why Photos Are Necessary for Rental Property Advertising

  1. Photos Make Rental Listings More Appealing – Whether you post online or in a local newspaper, high-quality photos bump up the appeal of your property. Social media is a fantastic way to get your property noticed by a broad audience with minimal effort. Additionally, photos are what will set your rental listing apart from local competition.
  2. Boost Rental Listing Views – Rental property advertising that includes photos receive around 90% more views than those without. Prospective tenants use pictures to judge value as well as imagining how they might occupy the space. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic means renters spend more time than ever filtering through listings online before seeing anything in person. So, grabbing and keeping their attention takes great real estate photography.
  3. Help Rent Units Faster – It is no secret that having quality photos improves listing appeal, views, and social media shares. Therefore, the chances of the unit getting rented quicker increase. After all, time is money for landlords, and anything to help cut down on vacancy time is worth the effort.

What Equipment Takes the Best Photos for Rental Property Advertising?What Equipment Takes the Best Photos for Rental Property Advertising?

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. While landlords with the means or access to use an SLR camera will indeed have success, they are not cheap. That said, using a smartphone with a high-resolution camera makes editing and uploading photos online or to social media a breeze. So, a newer generation smartphone camera is all you need these days!

What to Photograph for a Rental Property Advertising?

In rental property advertising, it is essential to showcase every room in the home. Especially now that in-person tours may be limited due to the ongoing pandemic. Prospective renters want to see the flow of a house along with the spaces they are paying for. Thus, helping them to decide the right property for them, and hopefully, it is yours! Ideally, a rental property ad should contain 10 to 20 photos depending on the size of the overall space. Do not forget to highlight your property’s features in the following areas when applicable –

What to Photograph for a Rental Property Advertising?

  • Show off that Curb Appeal
  • Common Areas
  • Living Spaces
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • All Bedrooms
  • Full and Half Baths
  • Basement
  • Laundry Area/Mudroom
  • Den or Office
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Nearby Neighborhood Attractions

Top Tips for Rental Property Advertising Photography

Taking photos for rental property advertising is a bit more complicated than snapping a selfie, but that does not mean it is hard. In fact, with patience, some preparation, and a few fundamental techniques, you too can take real estate photos like a pro. So, if you want to showcase your next rental listing in the best possible light, check out these tips below.

  1. Say Goodbye to Clutter
  2. The Brighter, the Better
  3. Choose Realistic Angles
  4. Watch for Vertical Lines
  5. The Rule of Thirds

Say Goodbye to Clutter

This should go without saying, but a messy property is an unappealing property. Not only does clutter distract the viewer, but it also does not showcase the space’s full potential. Ideally, a tenant should view the photos and imagine themselves and their items in the room. Therefore, if the rental property advertising shows a cluttered mess, the tenant is likely to move on to a different listing. So, clear off countertops, hide footwear, remove personal photos, and wipe down surfaces!

The Brighter, the Better

Instead of relying on the camera flash, utilize natural light whenever possible. Additionally, turn on interior lights so the space is as bright as it can be for photos. If possible, try to time your rental property advertising photos based on the time of day.

The Brighter, the Better

Particularly for outside photos, time of day, time of year, and weather conditions make a significant difference in the final product. Summer evenings typically offer the ideal light to showcase your rental property. So, if you have a rooftop deck, private patio, courtyard, or parking spaces, be sure to include these in the rental property advertising.

Choose Realistic Angles

One top tip for landlords doing their own real estate photography is to invest in a tripod. This is an essential tool for maintaining consistent and steady shots. Adjust the tripod to around 4 to 5 feet high. Then, shoot from a doorway towards the room’s corners for the most realistic and appealing angles. Also, remember that getting lower in your perspective creates a more balanced shot that makes the room appear wider without distorting it.

Watch for Vertical Lines

Photos for rental property advertising is not the place to get creative with perspective. The best way to showcase a room is to take a straight and clear image. Therefore, any vertical lines such as walls and windows should remain vertical and not skewed in any way.

The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a photography principle that states the focal point of a photo should fall in the intersection of 2 equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines. Utilizing this technique creates a harmony within the image that is visually more interesting to the viewer. If you are unfamiliar with this idea, try taking multiple photographs within the space and comparing them to find the best one.

Real Estate Photography Tips for Occupied Units

When a rental unit is vacant, taking photos is significantly easier. However, this will not always be the case. There are times when a landlord must rely on photographs taken while the unit is occupied. Unfortunately, this means you cannot control the type of furniture in the shot or how untidy a place may be. So, before heading out to take occupied photos for rental property advertising, follow these tips below.

Real Estate Photography Tips for Occupied Units

  • Give tenants a minimum notice of 24 hours and let them know why you will be stopping by.
  • Ask tenants to tidy up and request they clear as much clutter as they can
  • If the unit is incredibly messy, consider offering a cleaning service to incentivize tenants.

As soon as the property becomes vacant, retake the photos and replace them on your rental property advertising. Then, save them somewhere safe for future use.

Real Estate Advertising Made Easy

Marketing a rental property extends far beyond real estate photography. So, when you need to get your property rented efficiently, consider professional rental property management in Leesburg. The dedicated team at Bay Property Management Group takes the pressure off of owners by preparing a dynamic rental listing, taking quality photos, following up on leads, conducting showings, screening applicants, and writing a legal rental lease.

However, the property management benefits and services do not stop there. Once your new tenant takes up residence, Bay Property Management Group handles maintenance needs, renewals, and so much more. Give us a call today for a free no-obligation rental home analysis!