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Essential Tips for Moving with Kids and How to Create a Smooth Transition

Moving can be extremely overwhelming for adults and children. That said, it can be even more overwhelming if you have kids changing schools, moving away from friends, and leaving their childhood home for the first time. So, before you start your move, it’s crucial to plan and ensure a smooth transition for your children. Keep reading to learn how to plan your move and tips for moving with kids. 


How to Plan for Moving With Kids

Planning your move with children may look slightly different than moving by yourself. After all, you must consider your kids’ ages, their level of involvement, and potential childcare while moving. Here are a few ways you can plan to move with kids.

  1. Be Open and Honest
  2. Involve Your Kids In the Move
  3. Take Them to Visit Your New Town
  4. Talk to Other Parents
  5. Take Enough Time to Prepare

Be Open and Honest

If your children are old enough to have a serious conversation and understand that you’ll be moving, it’s best to sit down and explain what’s happening. Let them know why you’re moving, when you’re moving and what the process will be like in the meantime. 

Whether you’re moving for a new job, want to move closer to family, or want to live in a different neighborhood, explain your reasoning behind moving in an age-appropriate manner. While you’re talking with your children about moving, ensure they understand what you’re saying and let them know that they can ask questions along the way. 

Throughout the conversation, make sure you validate your child’s feelings. Whether they’re scared, excited, or feel indifferent about moving, reassure them by telling them you understand their feelings and that you’re there to listen. 


Involve Your Kids In the Move

No matter how old your children are, involving them in your moving process can be very beneficial. For one, it can help them feel like they’re a part of the process, and it can help you save time on packing. In addition, depending on their age, they can help by packing up their bedroom, moving boxes, and labeling various household items. 

If they’re too young to help you move, think about how you will entertain them while you pack up your home. For instance, if you have a bunch of empty boxes, consider using the old boxes to make a fort for them to hang out in. 

Then, once you have all of your items moved into your new home or rental, let your children set up their new room. Giving them a little freedom while decorating their new room can help them feel included and more at home in the new place. 

Take Them to Visit Your New Town

Before you move, consider taking your children to visit the new home and town you’ll be living in. Make a fun mini-vacation out of it and explore the area thoroughly, especially sites with kid-friendly activities. 

Check out all the local parks, playgrounds, and ice cream shops to show your kids where you’ll live and what activities are available nearby. After all, your children will be much more comfortable if you move to a town where they’ve seen and developed places of interest. 

Talk to Other Parents 

If you’re struggling while moving with kids, consider reaching out to other parents and asking them for advice. Find connections through social networking sites or find a local parents’ group that will give you helpful information about moving with kids.

Whether you need advice for moving with toddlers or want to get your children involved in the moving process, talking to other parents can give you insight. Additionally, you can meet potential friends for both you and your children, which can help everyone settle in more quickly. 


Take Enough Time to Prepare

Moving can be filled with unforeseen circumstances. For example, the transition period between homes can involve unexpected moments like visits from old friends, neighbors wishing you well, or maybe even a meltdown from one of your children. 

That said, it’s important to plan for some time to adjust and prepare for unexpected delays. That way, you don’t have to cut visits short, and you’ll have time to sit down with your child if they need your attention. 

Next, let’s discuss how you can create a smooth transition for your children while moving from one home to another. 

How to Create a Smooth Transition for Children

Transitioning into a new home in a new town or city can be difficult, especially for young children. Moving can be hard on children, whether changing schools, moving away from their friends, or simply leaving their childhood bedroom. 

However, it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of preparation, you can ensure a smoother transition for your kids while moving. Here are a few tips to consider. 

  • Keep Your Normal Routines
  • Give Your Kids Time to Adjust
  • Create a Moving-Week Plan

Create a Moving-Week Plan

One of the most beneficial tips for moving with kids is to create a solid plan. So, before you start the process of packing and moving items out of your old home, sit down with your family and create a moving-week plan. To keep your children involved, you can ask them for their opinion on what they want to pack, clean, and move. Then, come up with a list of daily chores and ensure your family is on the same page for moving tasks throughout the week. 


Keep Your Normal Routines

Although staying within your routine while moving can be challenging, it’s best to try to keep things as similar as possible. For instance, whether it’s dinner time, bath time, or bedtime, it’s best to stick to your daily routine to ensure your child feels more comfortable wherever they are. In addition, keeping a routine can help your child feel a sense of normalcy and ensure they adjust smoothly to the new home. 

Give Your Kids Time to Adjust

Even if you stick with your normal routine, it can still take some time for your child to adjust to a new environment. That said, staying patient with your kids and allowing them some extra time to adjust to the new home, neighborhood, and school system is essential. 

If you want more information about the neighborhood or moving process, you can ask your local Baltimore property management company to provide some insight. 

Now that we’ve gone over some ways to create a smooth transition, here are some essential tips for moving with kids. 

Essential Tips for Moving With Kids

Moving to a new town can be tough on children, whether they are older or younger. As such, it’s crucial to think about how to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are some essential tips for moving with kids to ensure you and your children feel comfortable with the move. 

  • Think About Hiring Childcare- If you have young children requiring constant care, consider hiring a babysitter for a few hours. This can allow you to get more packing done without constantly looking after your children. 
  • Offer Incentives for Helping- Most kids aren’t too motivated to pack and clean while moving. However, if you offer incentives, like letting them pick out an item for their new room, it can increase the motivation to get everything packed up. 
  • Make To-do Lists for Your Children- Give your child a to-do list with simple jobs like cleaning duties or packing requests. You could also have them go through their belongings and decide what to keep, throw away, or donate. 
  • Donate Old Clothes and Toys- While packing and moving, you’ll likely find tons of clothes and toys that your kids don’t use anymore. By donating these old items, you’re not only de-cluttering your home but giving them to a child in need. 
  • Plan a Visit Home to See Old Friends- If your kids are moving away from several close friends, make sure you plan a visit to come back and see them. Planning a trip back home can give your children some peace of mind and is something to look forward to after moving. 


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