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Things to do in Annapolis, Maryland for Summer 2020

Things to do in Annapolis, Maryland for Summer 2020
Summer is in full swing and COVID-19 uncertainty may affect, cancel, or postpone some of the events we list below. Apart from events, there are plenty of great Annapolis summer activities that don’t require large crowds! We will discuss both events and additional things to do in Annapolis this summer below.

Summer 2020 Events in Annapolis

Below are some summer events to check out in Annapolis (pending they remain on schedule with the pandemic).
  • Sunday Arts Festival: Sunday Arts Festival starts in June and goes all the way through November. This is a great event to go to with family on Sunday Sunday!
  • Tides and Tunes: Tides and Tunes is an annual summer concert series held waterfront during the summer in Annapolis! More details should arise as COVID-19 related information changes (or restrictions continue to be in place).
  • Ram’s Head Concerts: Steve Earle and The Dukes, Iron Maiden and Martin Barre of Jethro Tull are all performing this summer at Ram’s Head Live. This is a small and fun concert venue to check out if you haven’t already! Check out the Ram’s Head Live website for specific dates, times, and tickets.

Things to do in Annapolis Summer 2020

Here are some great summer activities to do in Annapolis! Most of which are outdoors and not impacted by the pandemic.
  • Fishing: Whether you are a pro fisher, starter, or just do it for fun, Annapolis is fantastic for fishing. The bay is a great place to catch Maryland Rockfish and many other fish! You can fish off of local piers, launch a boat if you have one and there are also several fishing charters in the area.
  • Bay Cruise: This is the only summer activity that might be impacted by the pandemic on this list. There are several Annapolis cruises on the bay that offer a variety of choices like sunset romantic cruises, water tours, sailing tours, and more.
  • Walking Quiet Waters Park: There are many parks to walk through in the state’s capital. However, Quiet Waters Park is a favorite! The waterfront park has space for walking, tanning, launching boats, fishing, and more. It is a beautiful place to take a summer stroll.
  • B&A (Baltimore and Annapolis) Trail: This is for those of you that like to hike or bike! The B&A trail offers plenty of space to exercise and is 13.3 miles long.
Use Tripadvisor to discover things to do in Annapolis this summer and keep up with event dates/cancelations. Follow Bay Property Management Group’s blog for all things Maryland including events, Annapolis property management, renting tips for the Annapolis area, and more!