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How to Conserve Water and Energy in Your Rental Property

Water and energy conservation are at the forefront of many peoples’ minds.  As the cost of energy continues to rise, major droughts are also becoming a real threat in regions all across the country.  Thus, as the number of people wanting to become environmentally friendly with their daily activity increases, it is important as a […]

Tips for Renting to First-Time Tenants

More than ever, especially in areas such as Montgomery County, leasing rental properties has become an important part of how people live.  One such is example of this is seen in the millennial generation.  With housing costs that continue to remain high, millennials are choosing to put off having families and purchasing homes. Couple that […]

Unusual, But Legal, Pets Your Tenant May Own

Pets are a part of many people’s lives. For some, pets are just as much a part of their family as their own blood relatives.  In today’s world, there certainly is no shortage in the number of tenants that own pets and want to lease your Montgomery County rental property.  And, should you be the […]

6 Tips to Successfully Show a Rental Property

Showing a client’s vacant rental property to prospective tenants is one of the principal roles of a property manager. Though emphasis is often placed on appealing to the right tenant pool, as well as the importance of proper tenant screening, the truth is that the in-person showing of the home to potential renters is just […]

Landlords Beware: How to Avoid Rental Fraud

Rental fraud: What is it and how can Maryland landlords avoid it? For those of you who have yet to experience the horror of rental fraud, we are here to explain to you exactly what it is. Rental fraud is when someone who is not you or your Maryland rental management company claims to own […]

5 Things to Include in Your Tenant Manual

5 Things to Include in Your Tenant Manual

Finding a good tenant is only half of a landlord’s job. The other half is managing the property with the tenant in it, which can be a demanding task. To make it a bit easier, many property managers create a “tenant manual.” Even though the rental contract outlines most of the tenants’ responsibilities, a tenant […]

3 Tips for Staying on Good Terms With Your Tenants

Tips for Staying on Good Terms With Your Tenants

An income property is not working for you if it’s empty. Getting the right tenants and ensuring they enjoy their stay is one of the responsibilities of a property manager. When tenants are satisfied, they are likely to recommend your place, not to mention that you will avoid the drama and save yourself some nerve […]