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6 Tips for Keeping Good Tenants in Your Rental Property

6 Tips for Keeping Good Tenants in Your Rental Property

Throughout the rental industry, great tenants are worth their weight in gold. Whether it is paying on time, quickly reporting issues, or showing general respect for your property, these are the occupants you want to find and keep as a landlord. But as the rental housing market grows more and more competitive, keeping those great […]

Rental Home References and How to Get the Most From Them

rental property reference checks

  Application screening is the first best step for ensuring a quality tenant in your rental property. Therefore, along with a background check, income verification, and credit file, rental references offer a picture of who you will be renting too. So, how should you conduct rental reference checks? Continue reading as we detail types of […]

How to Conduct Reference Checks for Bucks County Tenants

How to Run Proper Rent Reference Checks for Bucks County Tenants

How to conduct reference checks is a vital process for all landlords. When screening a tenant, most of it involves uploading of their information to a tenant screening or property management software such as AppFolio. However, for rent reference checks, you will want to pick up the phone and do these yourself. Without doing so, […]

Tenant Screening Tips for Lancaster Landlords

lancaster tenant screening tips

Screening tenants is a tedious but necessary part of the leasing process for your Lancaster rental property. Without a careful screening process, you open your property up to trouble tenants, vacancies, and potential evictions. Follow these tenant screening tips for your Lancaster rental property. How to Screen Tenants for Your Lancaster Rental Property Most online […]