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How Does Tenancy in Common Work in Real Estate?


There are plenty of ways to become a homeowner. However, with today’s prices and the competitive nature of the market, it’s become increasingly more challenging to own real estate. As such, buyers today need to find more affordable ways to acquire real estate. Luckily, there’s a solution that could make homeownership more attainable for some. […]

How to Navigate the Four Stages of The Real Estate Cycle


Understanding each stage of the real estate cycle is a vital part of being an investor. Although the housing market cycle is closely connected to the general economy, you can’t assume that they always correlate. As such, it’s important to understand the four stages of the real estate cycle to help prepare for future investments. […]

Philadelphia’s Newest Development Projects to Watch for in 2023


This year will be exciting and opportunistic for new development projects in Philadelphia. The past few years presented several economic challenges, slowing down progress on many construction projects. However, with gradual economic improvements, we’ll start to see several new development projects in Philadelphia this year. That said, here are some of the most talked about […]

How to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023


If you’re a seasoned real estate investor, you know how quickly the market changes and how much prices fluctuate. As such, growing your real estate portfolio takes time and effort while working with the current market. If you’re looking to grow your real estate portfolio in 2023, read along as we discuss some tips and […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Is It the Next Big Thing for Investors?


Real estate crowdfunding is a unique way to diversify your financial portfolio. Crowdfunding allows you to pool your money with others to purchase real estate. The idea is that many people are willing to invest a small amount, adding up to a large sum of money. As such, crowdfunding allows investors to become shareholders in […]

20 Best Markets for Real Estate Investing in 2023

Investing in 2023 may look different for investors than in previous years. Inflation and mortgage rates are high, leaving many investors wondering when the market will correct. However, that doesn’t exclude the opportunity to invest in real estate this year. Read along as we go over the best long-term and short-term markets for investing in […]

National Hobby Month: Get Into Real Estate Investing

January is National Hobby Month, so if you want to find a new hobby for the new year, now’s the time! One of our favorite hobbies to discuss here at Bay Property Management Group is real estate investing. As such, in this article, we’ll discuss the focus of National Hobby Month and how you can […]

Mortgage Rate Predictions for 2023: Where are Rates Headed?


Over the past year, mortgage rates have skyrocketed, negatively affecting the affordability and demand of real estate. However, as the market starts to correct, investors are curious about where mortgage rates are headed in the new year. Read along as we review some mortgage rate predictions for 2023 and how to get the best rate […]

What Is Real Estate Syndication and How Does It Work?


Creating a diverse real estate portfolio means branching out and learning about different investments. After all, if your investment portfolio only has several single-family homes, you may want to consider investing in a commercial or multifamily property. However, keep in mind that managing large properties takes a lot of time and experience. As such, you […]

Virtual Real Estate Investing: What is it and Is it Worth it?


Many people know that there are tons of virtual investing opportunities. For instance, many people explore cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or other digital currencies. That said, virtual real estate has been gaining a lot of attention lately from investors and creators. However, not a lot of people understand what it is. If you want to learn more […]