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How to File a Renters Insurance Claim: Step by Step


When living in rental properties, getting renters insurance will help protect your personal property and liability. Whether you’re faced with a natural disaster, a break-in, or injuries on the property, renters insurance can help protect you and your belongings. Additionally, knowing how to file a renters insurance claim is crucial in case something happens. So, […]

What to Expect for Your Renter’s Insurance Coverage


Many landlords and tenants have heard of renter’s insurance, but do you know what it does and why it’s so important to the rental industry? For tenants that want to protect their personal property and avoid liability claims, renter’s insurance can play a vital role in being a good tenant. In addition, both landlords and […]

Should Montgomery County Landlords Require Renter’s Insurance in the Lease?

These days, Montgomery County income property owners are no longer leaving the fate of their rental properties up to chance. Instead, they’re taking control of the outcome of any potential disaster by requiring their tenants obtain renter’s insurance. By doing so, they’re making their lives a whole lot easier. Renter’s insurance can be a great idea for […]

The Importance of Renter’s Insurance

The Importance of Renter’s Insurance

No one likes to buy insurance.   You pay month in and month out hoping you never need to actually use the insurance but resent the fact that you pay for it anyways. Some insurance, like auto insurance, is required by law in most states. So we pay our dues (in the form of insurance […]