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Investing in Affordable Housing: Challenges and Rewards


Investing in affordable housing can be a great way for investors to earn passive income while providing a reasonable place to stay for those with lower incomes. However, while there are several upsides to this investment strategy, it’s important to recognize the challenges and understand how it works. Today, we’ll go over why we need […]

What’s Next for Affordable Rental Housing in Maryland?


Finding affordable rental housing in Maryland has been difficult over the past year. As most people know, the US is going through an affordable housing crisis, so there are not enough reasonably-priced homes to go around. That said, renters are still searching for ways to find affordable rental housing in Maryland. If you want to […]

Tenant’s Guide to Finding Affordable Rental Homes in Richmond, VA


Renters these days are on the hunt for affordable rental homes. Unfortunately, with factors like inflation, rising rental rates, and the difficulty of purchasing a home, it can be hard to find affordable housing. That said, there are some great resources and ways to ensure your housing situation meets your needs and budget. Read along […]

How Biden’s Affordable Housing Action Plan Might Impact Rental Investors


Rising real estate prices are affecting people all across the United States. If you’re a home buyer or an investor, you know how hard it is to buy real estate right now. Everything is extremely expensive, with low supply and high-interest rates. With rising high inflation and no end in sight, something has to give. […]