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How to Handle Tenant Abandonment as a Rental Owner


When tenants decide to move out of a rental property, they ideally give ample notice before leaving. However, it’s not always that simple for rental property owners. For instance, a tenant may occasionally break the lease or abandon the property without notice or intent to return. That said, although filling the vacancy as soon as […]

Handling a Tenant Death & A Deceased Tenants Belongings

deceased tenant belongings

Dealing with death is tough in any aspect, especially when it affects your business. If a tenant passes away unexpectedly while living in your rental property, it can be a confusing process to navigate. For example, you may not know what to do with a deceased tenant’s belongings, how to end the lease agreement, and […]

What Should a Landlord Do with Abandoned Tenant Property?

What Should a Landlord Do with Abandoned Tenant Property?

Whether a tenant moves of their own accord or faced legal eviction, sometimes possessions remain in the home. When this occurs, landlords face a dilemma – what to do with abandoned tenant property? In many cases, tenants simply leave behind trash that landlords are free to dispose of. However, personal items or other property is […]

What to Do When a Tenant Leaves Belongings Behind in Your Property

As a lease comes to an end and tenants vacate, it is time to go through finding new tenants all over again.  Part of a landlord’s job is to complete a move out inspection to determine tenant damage. However, what happens when you inspect the residence and find that the property’s tenant left personal items? […]

What are Landlord’s Responsibilities for Abandoned Tenant Possessions?

What are Landlord's Responsibilities for Abandoned Tenant Possessions?

Whether a tenant vacates from eviction, sudden lease break, or gives ample notice, there is a chance items may remain. When abandoned property remains, many landlords want to remove it as soon as possible. However, in some states, tossing it out can landowners in hot water. To avoid costly liability, understanding what to do with […]