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Get Ready for Spring with a Comprehensive Rental Maintenance Guide

spring rental maintenance guide

Maintenance is a dreaded but necessary part of owning a rental property. That said, the best kind is always preventative maintenance. Whenever possible, being proactive in caring for major systems is the key to avoiding costly repairs down the road. Not only is routine maintenance essential for the preservation of your investment, but it also goes a long way to fostering tenant satisfaction. Thankfully, we have complied a rental maintenance guide below to help landlords get their properties Spring ready!

Indoor Spring Rental Maintenance Guide

Just like the outside, the inside needs just as much care and attention when it comes to spring maintenance. Check out the top items to add to your interior rental maintenance guide below –

Indoor Spring Rental Maintenance Guide

  1. Check Emergency Systems – Spring and summer are the time to verify any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are in full working order. Most devices have a “test” button, with a typical battery lifespan of about ten years.
  2. Test the Thermostat – As part of regular HVAC preventive maintenance, test the property’s thermostat to make sure it is taking accurate readings.
  3. Inspect the Attic – Attics provide a wealth of information to property owners by showing signs of potentially costly issues. Therefore, it is a good idea to inspect the attic at least once per year. Check for holes where pests could enter, damaged beams, signs of leaks, or mold evidence.Inspect Pipes for Damage
  4. Inspect Pipes for Damage – Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on the pipes in a rental unit. So, each spring, be sure to inspect plumbing and fixtures for any abnormalities, damage, or cracks that could contribute to significant damage. Also, be on the lookout for “sweaty pipes,” which could signal ventilation issues.
  5. Check Basement Ventilation – Humid spring and summer weather can overload a property’s HVAC system. In particular, basements tend to accumulate moisture where dangerous mold can flourish. So, be sure the property’s basement has adequate ventilation and provide tenants with a dehumidifier if needed.

Outdoor Spring Rental Maintenance Guide

Springtime brings new growth and an influx of tenants looking for a new place to call home. So, whether it is to attract new prospects or continue a positive relationship with your existing tenants, Spring maintenance is essential.

Outdoor Spring Rental Maintenance GuideCheck out the rental maintenance guide below to keep your property looking it’s very best.

  1. Ensure the HVAC Functions Properly
  2. Clean Exterior Vents
  3. Repair Damaged Window Screens
  4. Ensure Entry Points Securely Lock
  5. Check the Gutters
  6. Inspect the Roof
  7. Boost Curb Appeal

Ensure the HVAC Functions Properly

As the weather heats up, so does the property’s HVAC system’s need to be in tip-top shape. So, have a qualified technician service the HVAC units by cleaning the AC coils, checking for worn belts, and replacing air conditioner filters as needed. A little routine maintenance in early Spring ensures your AC system can meet the demand all Summer long!

Clean Exterior VentsClean Exterior Vents

Winter snow and ice can camouflage issues building up around exterior vents resulting in a potential fire hazard. So, take time to inspect dryer vents, bathroom vents, exterior outlets, and range vents and clean as needed. These vents need proper clearance and airflow to operate safely and efficiently.

Repair Damaged Window Screens

Damaged or missing screens allow bugs and vermin to more easily infiltrate the home during warm months when tenants like to open the windows. Therefore, inspect the exterior screens at least once per year. Then, if any are found to be damaged, repair or replace them as soon as possible.

Ensure Entry Points Securely Lock

An essential part of protecting your property and tenants is to ensure all doors and windows close and lock securely. Therefore, if any entry points are damaged, this could leave the unit vulnerable to a potential burglary, which is statistically higher in warmer months.

Check the GuttersCheck the Gutters

In preparation for Spring storms, gutters must be cleaned and inspected to ensure water flows freely down the drainpipes. Also, check to see that the water flows down and away from the home’s foundation, adding expandable pipe extensions to direct the water as needed. If left unchecked, debris can build up and cause water to leak into the home resulting in devastatingly expensive repairs.

Inspect the Roof

Thoroughly inspect the roof condition at least once per year. In particular, check for any signs of leaks, missing shingles, nail pops, and remove any debris. A well-maintained roof will help keep tenants dry, regulate interior temperatures, and maintain optimal energy efficiency. If any issues are found, consult a licensed roofing professional to address them immediately.

Boost Curb Appeal

Never underestimate the impact a tidy and welcoming exterior can have on the success of a rental property. So, consider evaluating and sprucing up the areas below to boost curb appeal for your rental property!

  • Give the Lawn Some Love – Healthy lawns are vital to great curb appeal. So, as spring approaches, pay close attention to any discoloration or dead areas. Landlords can typically correct these issues with reseeding but if not, consider replacing the area with new sod. Furthermore, aeration is essential to jumpstarting grass growth and improving drainage during the wetter spring and summer months. These processes, along with fertilizer, will help your rental’s lawn remain healthy year-round.

Boost Curb Appeal

  • Inspect the Exterior – Any exterior pathways, patios, stairs, and decks must be in good condition to remain safe for tenant use. Uneven or cracked surfaces present a tripping hazard and, therefore, a huge liability. Therefore, repair any damaged sidewalks, along with any missing, broken, or disjointed deck boards. If outdoor surfaces look a bit drab, consider a power wash to bring them back to their former glory.
  • Add Some Low Maintenance Plants – Plant some pops of color and greenery to your rental’s exterior space to add curb appeal with minimal effort. For best results, stick to native perennial plants that will come back strong year after year.

How Property Management Firms Look After Your Rental Year-Round

Preventative maintenance in every season is a necessary part of owning a rental property. However, the to-do list for property owners seems never-ending at times. So, to take your rental business to the next level and free up valuable time, hiring a rental property management company is the best option.

Bay Property Management Group can help tackle everything in our rental maintenance guide above, along with comprehensive marketing, leasing, inspection, and accounting services. Our dedicated team of property managers keeps owners informed without the hassle of communicating with tenants or organizing vendors. For more information on our full-service approach to property management or to schedule a free no-obligation rental home analysis, contact us today!