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Small Space Storage Solutions and Decor Tips for Your Studio Apartment

Although everyone wants a large living space with adequate storage space, not everyone’s budget allows for a multiple-bedroom apartment or rental home. For instance, you have to get creative if you have a studio apartment. That said, finding small space storage solutions is key to fitting all your belongings into a rental. Here are some tips for renters looking to fit their possessions in a small studio apartment.


Finding Small Space Storage Solutions

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and out of space in your apartment, know you’re not alone. The first step to finding small space storage solutions is organizing your belongings and determining what’s worth keeping and not. After all, if you’re in a small living space, too much clutter can make it feel even smaller. So, go through your items and create a “keep” and “donate” pile to start. 

Then, once you’ve determined which items you’d like to keep and what you’re going to donate or throw out, you can start organizing your rental and putting things away. Here are a few steps to help you get started organizing a small studio apartment

  1. Start With the Entryway
  2. Use Under-Bed Storage
  3. Don’t Forget Behind the Door
  4. Display Your Clothes and Accessories
  5. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture


Start With the Entryway

Most people have an abundance of clutter right at the entryway of their homes. For instance, you most likely have your keys, wallet, shoes, sunglasses, jackets, and more all together by the front door of your apartment. As such, organizing these items is crucial in making your space feel less overwhelming. 

Use an entryway shelf with hooks to hang your jackets and store your keys, wallet, and mail. Additionally, find a small shoe rack or cubby to store your shoes and eliminate clutter by your front door. 

Use Under-Bed Storage

In a studio apartment, you don’t have much room for storage. As such, you have to find smart storage solutions. One of the best ways to hide clutter in a studio rental is by storing items under your bed. After all, your bed is likely one of your apartment’s largest items, so try to utilize the space underneath. 

With an ottoman bed or platform bed with storage drawers, you can put clothes, shoes, or other items that don’t have a designated spot already. Additionally, since everything is underneath your bed, you don’t have to worry about the space looking unorganized or messy when guests come over.

Don’t Forget Behind the Door

Running out of space for accessories? Use your doors for additional storage. For example, you can easily add hooks to your bathroom or pantry door to store various items. Whether it’s jewelry, hats, jackets, headbands, or other accessories, you can conveniently hang these items on an entry in your apartment. 

The nice thing about storing items on a door is that they are easily accessible and always within reach. 

Display Your Clothes and Accessories

Some studio apartments have extremely small closets, or sometimes, none at all. If that’s the case in your rental, there are a few solutions to store your clothes and accessories. For one, you can take advantage of vertical space and display your clothes using a garment rack or shelves.

Not only can you save space with shelves or a clothing cubby, but you can also use your items to personalize your apartment. For example, displaying your statement pieces and accessories can show off your personality and make your rental feel more like home.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the best ways to save space in a small apartment is by using multi-purpose furniture. For instance, if you can find a couch that unfolds into a comfortable bed, you can save tons of space in your rental home. 

Additionally, you can use ottomans to store blankets, pillows, and sheets while also using them as a footrest in your living room. Then, if you have guests over, they can use the ottoman as a seat or even a makeshift table. 

Types of Multi-Purpose Furniture


Multi-purpose furniture is the key to saving space in a smaller rental apartment. As such, here are some of the most common types of multi-purpose furniture and solutions for renters.

  • Beds With Built-in Storage- Finding a bed with build-in storage solutions is one of the best ways to de-clutter your small apartment. Look for beds with drawers underneath or shelves above the headboard to store your clothes, books, or other items. 
  • Ottomans and Footstools- Ottomans and footstools can be used for several things. For instance, you can sit on them, use them to store blankets, use them as a table to eat or play board games, relax and put your feet up after a long day, and more.
  • Rolling Islands Rollings islands are great because they can be used anywhere in your apartment. Whether you want it in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, you can move it essentially anywhere and store anything in it.

How to Create Defined Space in a Studio Apartment

Creating defined space in a studio apartment can be extremely difficult. After all, most studio apartments are small and lack separate areas for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. As such, renters must find ways to create defined space within a studio apartment. Here are some simple solutions that could help. 

  • Divide Spaces in Your Apartment
  • Trick the Eyes with Decor
  • Create a DIY Closet

Divide Spaces in Your Apartment

Having separate areas to sleep, eat, work and live is extremely important in any rental. However, separating each area in a studio apartment can be difficult. That said, to designate specific areas in your rental, you can use room dividers, hang curtains, or use furniture to divide spaces. 


Trick the Eyes With Decor

There’s no getting around the fact that most studio apartments are small. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t trick the eyes with home decor. In fact, using mirrors as part of your decor can make your studio apartment appear much larger. If you’re feeling a bit cramped in your rental, consider adding a large vertical mirror to add depth to the room.

Create a DIY Closet 

If your studio apartment didn’t come with a closet, don’t worry–you can always create your own! Whether you want to use shelves to display your shoes or cubbies to store your clothing, there are several options for renters without real closets. You could even build and install a custom closet with shelves and hanging racks if you feel crafty. 

Remember that no matter how you want to alter your rental, make sure to read your lease or check with your rental property management experts in Washington DC to help you find small storage space solutions.

Need Help Managing Your Rentals?

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