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Turn Your Philadelphia Rental Property into a Smart Home

Smart homes are all the rage right now! With plenty of options available, there are large and small changes to turn your Montgomery County, PA rental property into a Smart Home. Small changes can appeal to prospects, and while more significant changes will cost more, they can substantially increase home value. Smart homes are popular as they make houses easier to navigate and can provide increased safety as well.

Why you Should Turn Your Rental Property into a Smart Home

Apart from the potential increase in home value, it also gives you, the landlord, leverage to increase the monthly rental price. Smart device features can also add a high degree of safety, which will make tenants feel safer.

Ideas for Turning Your Rental Property Into a Smart Home

First, settle on a budget and the kind of value you want the smart home devices to add to your property. See some examples below for smart home improvements for all budgets. There are plenty of smart products that just make living easier! Many Smart devices connect to your phone and allow for voice command. Examples:

  • Lights/Smart Sockets – Depending on your budget, you could splurge and change all lightbulbs to smart bulbs or purchase smart sockets to plug in light fixtures. Either way, the tenant can then command via phone or a smart device (Echo or Google Home) to turn the lights on and off. With an app on their phone, they can even control it from afar if they forgot to turn the lights off.
  • Smart Appliances – Most appliances are now available as Smart items. Whether you convert them all or focus on a couple of appliances, Smart appliances make a significant difference to prospects. Examples:
    • Microwave
      • Dishwasher
      • Oven
      • Smart sockets in the kitchen for blenders and other appliances
      • Smart fridge
      • Thermostats
  • Echo Dots/Google Homes – If your budget is tight, buy just a few Google Home or Echo Dot for around the house. This is a great way to allow the tenant to customize their own Smart home and save you money. Also, these devices have their benefits like serving as voice-activated alarm clocks, displaying the weather, and connecting to music apps and Bluetooth speakers.
  • Security – There are a variety of smart safety items on the market to increase security in one’s home; this benefits you as the owner as well because you can keep up with any alerts even from afar. Prices for these items can become expensive quickly, so do your research! Some Smart security items include:
    • Smart Locks: There are many Smart lock options. A majority of them have keypad access and the ability to lock and unlock the home from your phone. These come in handy when cleaners or maintenance techs need to enter the house when tenants or landlords are not around.
    • Security Systems: Smart security systems pair with your phone and other compatible devices to allow you to turn your alarm system on/off while you’re away. Some compatible voice options are available and can turn off when you enter your home. These use voice recognition technology.
    • Cameras: Smart cameras also link up to smartphones and other compatible devices to monitor all areas of your home. This is great for everyone, but especially those that travel often.
    • Doorbells: Smart doorbells like the Ring Doorbell allow you to get notified via phone when someone is at the door and can even display them through a small camera. You can speak through these doorbells as well.
    • Smart Sensors: Water sensors, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors are also controllable via a Smart Panel.
    • Garage Doors: Smart garage doors are helpful for those who are forgetful! No one likes coming home after a long day to realize they left the garage door open. Not only can you be notified on your smartphone when the door opens and closes, but can handle it remotely on those days that you forget.
  • Personalize Space – Maybe you’d prefer to keep it simple, but allow the tenant some freedom to personalize their space. Consider purchasing smart devices such as Google Homes and Echo Dots, as mentioned above. Or, install a Smart stereo system or TV in the house for them ahead of time.
  • All of the Above – Go all out! Make the home a convenient, safe, and personalized environment with all the Smart devices mentioned. This is an investment, but may also offer the most reward. As we said above, making a home Smart not only benefits and attracts tenants but allows you to keep an eye on your rental property from afar.

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