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Why You Need To Download Our FREE Rental Inspection Checklist for Landlords

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Your rental property is an investment and it is important that you take the proper steps to protect this valuable asset. One of the best ways to do this is with a comprehensive rental inspection, both during move in and at move out.

Below you will find our rental inspection tips for landlords and learn what you need to keep in mind while going through an inspection, as well as a brief overview of what the full checklist covers. You will also be given the link to download the complete inspection checklist.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Performing a Rental Inspection

Before you go through the rental inspection checklist, you need to know how to properly perform the inspection. These are the steps you will want to make sure to follow throughout the process:

  • If desired (but not required), you can have the tenant present with you during the inspection. If not, the tenant will be given an inspection report to complete and return within 10 days of moving in with any outstanding items that are wrong with the property.
  • Write down detailed notes during the inspection. You don’t want to miss important details if the tenant tries to fight the damages.
  • Take photographs or videos of any damage that you find. Make sure they are time-stamped so it can’t be argued when they were taken.
  • As mentioned above, the tenant is not required to be at the inspection. However, if they are, have both you and the tenant sign off on all of the observations before parting ways.

Key Parts of a Rental Inspection Checklist for Landlords

The point of a rental inspection—whether at move in or move out—is to make sure that every square inch of the property is looked over. You need to make sure everything is working, and all damage is properly noted. While the complete rental inspection checklist has a lot more details, these are the basics:

  • Make sure all floors, walls, and ceilings are free from damage.
  • Check windows, screens, and blinds to make sure everything functions properly.
  • Confirm that all light fixtures operate as intended and are damage free.
  • Inspect all appliances in the kitchen, making sure they turn on and work correctly.
  • Run water on all faucets in the kitchen and bathroom to confirm the water supply is hooked up and running properly.
  • Check that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working.
  • Look at all of the doors and locks on both interior and exterior spaces to detect damage.
  • Make sure the HVAC system is clean and functioning properly.
  • Confirm that the garage door opens as it should.
  • Look over the exterior of the property to make sure there is no damage and all lighting is intact.

Download Our Free Rental Inspection Checklist in Microsoft Word!

The above is just a brief summary of what you will find on our complete free rental inspection checklist for landlords.

You can find the complete rental inspection checklist download here, so you can make sure you don’t miss any details. This should be given to the tenant at move in and returned to the office within 10 days with any additional items that may be wrong with the property.

Or, you can always contact us, and we will handle all of the details for you. As the top property management company in the northeast, we provide comprehensive move in/move out services, including detailed documentation and photographs, to make sure you are always protected. Contact us now to learn more.