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Top 5 Rental Amenities for Travelers: A Guide for Vacation Rental Owners

Owning vacation rentals is a great way to earn high returns and quickly grow your investment portfolio. However, choosing the right location and amenities for your vacation home is one of the most critical factors in its performance. To learn more about the top rental amenities for travelers and how to make your vacation rental stand out, just keep reading. 


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What Do Travelers Look for In a Vacation Rental?

Travelers choose Airbnb or vacation rental homes over hotels for a reason. Typically, vacation homes offer better amenities, larger living areas, and more convenience than hotel rooms. As such, when you’re looking to buy a vacation rental, it’s important to ensure you offer desirable features and amenities that draw travelers in. 


For instance, some of the essential factors in a vacation rental include the price, location, cleanliness, and amenities. Location is often a top priority for travelers who want to stay close to nearby attractions, restaurants, and other points of interest. Price is another top consideration, as travelers want to find a rental that fits their budget without sacrificing comfort or convenience. 

Additionally, travelers want to come to a clean and well-maintained rental home. So, it’s vital for you or your Washington DC property managers to thoroughly clean the rental when one guest leaves and before another one stays. Finally, desirable amenities are a major draw for travelers, as they can enhance the overall experience of staying in a vacation rental. Next, we’ll review the top rental amenities for travelers and why they’re so important.

Choosing the Top 5 Rental Amenities for Travelers

Some of the most popular rental amenities for travelers include high-speed internet, a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and more. Here’s a list of essential amenities and why they’re crucial for any vacation rental. 


  1. WiFi
  2. Outdoor Amenities
  3. Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  4. Comfortable Beds
  5. Washer & Dryer


One of the top amenities you’ll want in your vacation rental is high-speed, wireless internet. Today’s travelers require reliable and fast internet access to stay connected with work, family, friends, or entertainment. It also allows guests to research nearby attractions and restaurants, book tours, and stay entertained during their stay. 

A fast and reliable WiFi connection is a key requirement for guests who carry devices with them, like phones or laptops. Providing this basic amenity can attract high-quality guests and set your rental apart from other competitors who don’t offer high-speed internet. 

Outdoor Amenities

Outdoor amenities are a valuable aspect of vacation rentals, allowing guests to enjoy the natural surroundings and participate in outdoor activities. For instance, a patio or balcony with comfortable seating, a garden, outdoor grills, swimming pools, hot tubs, and fire pits are all popular amenities in a vacation rental. 

These amenities can enhance guests’ experience and create memorable and enjoyable vacations. It is important to consider the location and preferences of the target market when choosing which outdoor amenities to provide.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen is an essential amenity for any vacation rental home. Guests appreciate the ability to cook their own meals to save money on dining out while on vacation. It also provides them with the convenience and flexibility of preparing meals to their liking. 

So, to make your rental stand out, ensure your kitchen has all the essentials, including cookware, utensils, and appliances. Of course, it’s important to have all the basics of a typical home, like a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. You may even supply guests with basic cooking supplies like oil, spices, and condiments. 

Comfortable Beds

Comfortable beds are one of the most important amenities to prioritize in a vacation rental home. After a long vacation day, guests look for a comfortable and cozy place to rest and recharge for the next day’s activities. 


Providing high-quality mattresses, pillows, and linens ensures your guests have a comfortable and restful stay in your rental. It’ll also allow your property to stand out against others that don’t have the same amenities. Consider including extra pillows and blankets to accommodate your guest’s preferences.

Additionally, rental owners should ensure that the mattresses are clean and in good condition. A clean, comfortable bed can lead to positive reviews and repeat guests who appreciate a good night’s rest during their vacation. 

Washer & Dryer

Another essential amenity for many vacation rental guests is a washer and dryer, especially if they plan to stay for an extended period of time. Guests can save money and pack lighter by not having to pack as many clothes, knowing they can wash them during their stay. 

Additionally, a washer and dryer in a vacation rental can help guests feel more at home and comfortable without the added stress of finding a laundromat in an unfamiliar area. After all, who wants to take time out of their precious vacation to do laundry? Offering laundry facilities can also reduce the workload of you or your property manager, as guests can wash their towels and linens themselves at the end of their stay. 

How to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Once you’ve determined the top rental amenities for travelers, you’ll want to use them to make your vacation home stand out. Here’s what vacation homeowners can do to advertise their rentals and attract high-quality tenants. 

Choose a Desirable Property

Location is key when it comes to vacation rentals. As such, it’s crucial to choose a property in a desirable location that’s easily accessible to popular tourist sites nearby. Additionally, you’ll want to choose properties that can host several guests at once. 


Invest in High-Quality Furnishings

Most vacationers that choose rentals over hotels are looking for a home away from home. So, investing in comfortable, durable, and high-quality furnishings for your vacation rental is important. For instance, ensure enough seating in each living space, quality bedding in bedrooms, and large enough dining spaces. 

Provide Rental Amenities for Travelers

As stated above, choosing rental amenities for travelers is crucial to owning vacation rentals. For instance, you’ll want to provide WiFi, cable TV, a fully equipped kitchen, linens and towels, and toiletries. 

Take Professional Photos

Your listing is the first thing many people see while looking for a vacation rental. As such, you’ll want to hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos that showcase the best features in your rental. Remember to take photos of every space, including all sleeping areas, the kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor amenities. 

Write an Accurate and Appealing Description

While listing your vacation rental, craft a description that accurately portrays the property while highlighting its unique features and benefits. Consider using persuasive language to make your property stand out. However, ensuring your description is 100% accurate and up-to-date with the amenities you offer is important. 

Set Competitive Rates

You’ll want to do some research to ensure your rental rates are competitive with similar properties in the area. Additionally, consider offering discounts for more extended stays or off-season bookings. Generally, the summer months, from May to September, are the most popular for vacation rentals. 


Provide Clear Instructions

Once a tenant books your vacation rental, you’ll want to ensure they have all the necessary information. For instance, give guests details on accessing the rental, including check-in procedures, parking instructions, and any other relevant details they may need. 

Be Communicative With Guests

Communication is key for any rental property. Responding promptly to guests’ inquiries and providing them with assistance and recommendations throughout their stay is crucial. This will ensure a positive experience and good reviews from each tenant that stays in your vacation rental. 

Need Professional Management for Your Rental?

When you own vacation rentals, finding the best rental amenities for travelers is important. The more value you offer your guests, the more bookings you’ll have for your vacation home. 

Providing more than just the basic travel amenities is a great way to keep your vacation rental occupied all season long. However, depending on how many vacation rentals you own and how many bookings you typically get, it can be difficult to keep up with maintenance and management tasks. 

Learn more about our management services today

As such, many busy rental property owners tend to outsource management tasks. Bay Property Management Group offers comprehensive rental property management services for rentals in and around Baltimore, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can improve your vacation rentals.