Announcement: Bay Management Group is Expanding into Southern PA

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We have exciting news!

Bay Management Group—the premier leader for property management services in Baltimore, Laurel, and Philadelphia—is expanding into southern Pennsylvania!

Property Management in York County

With just under a half-million residents, York County offers a small-town feel that’s filled with tons of history. Nestled near the Susquehanna River Valley, York County provides a peaceful respite for families who want to stay away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city.

Since there are so many beautiful, historic homes, we understand that property owners want to make sure their investments are well-kept and rented by the right tenants. Whether you own a single-family home, a building that’s been converted into multiple units, or a more modern complex that offers rental condo units, we’ll be here to help you.

Property Management in Lancaster County

Lancaster’s another quiet area we can’t wait to meet. With farm communities abound and an authentic experience that enables residents to enjoy slower lifestyles than those found in the cities, Lancaster County is going to be a fun market for us to get to know. There are a lot of historic brick buildings that deserve the love and attention our property management firm can offer. Whether you’re looking for efficient ways to market your space, great tenant-screening tools, or assistance with evictions, our team is ready to step in and get the ball rolling.

Property Management in Dauphin County

It’s easy to see why people love Dauphin County’s waterfront aesthetics. It’s a lively area that’s still remarkably homey and humble. It’s exactly the kind of place where people want to raise their families, and as your property management firm, it will be our job to help future tenants find the rental properties of their dreams.

With vineyards dotting the landscape in every direction and breweries being found alongside city streets, we also understand that this is an excellent place for young professionals who are looking for homes with easy access to fun activities. Our marketing team is taking this idea to task, ensuring we’re covering your bases and ready to tout all the amazing things Dauphin County has to offer.

Property Management in Cumberland County

With a proud heritage of beautiful homes, some of which date back centuries, we’re excited to explore this landscape on behalf of our landlord clients and the renters who are looking for apartments or single-family houses to call home. With nearly one-third of households in this area having children, we’ll be on the lookout for ways to help families find Cumberland County properties that are situated around entertaining areas. For the homes that don’t have children, we’ll have an assortment of beautiful properties, too.

Meet TJ Noye

Bay Management Group has welcomed TJ Noye as the expansion leader for the southern Pennsylvania area. TJ previously worked at Axis Group, where he:

  • Performed financial analysis for new real estate projects and business ventures
  • Managed and invested the company’s money into various deals
  • Developed budgets and forecasts for prospective deals
  • Managed multiple teams for the projects Axis Group was working on

As a major contributor to the Bay Management Group team, TJ will help facilitate our mission and vision to renters and landlords in the southern Pennsylvania region.

Meet Bay Management Group

Bay Management Group is proud to help landlords and tenants come together in a way that makes sense for optimal living. We offer a full suite of property management services, including tenant screening, background checks, marketing, maintenance, rent collection, eviction processing, and so much more. If you’re ready to enjoy positive ROI from your property investment with minimal effort, we invite you to learn how Bay Management Group can help you!

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