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What are Landlord-Tenant Laws and Why is Compliance Important?

The rental industry is governed by federal, state, and local landlord-tenant laws. Therefore, both tenants and landlords must understand their rights and responsibilities. Although tenants must hold up their end of the lease, landlords are held to a very high standard regarding habitability standards, building codes, and fair housing. Continue reading below as we examine […]

How to Be the Perfect Tenant: 10 Qualities of Great Renters

The goal of every landlord is to find the perfect tenant to occupy their rental property. As such, it can take a lot of time and due diligence for landlords to find the right fit. However, there are some ways that prospective tenants can stand out against other renters. Today, we’ll go over how to […]

How a Window Inspection Can Benefit Your Rental Home


Inspections are crucial when it comes to rental properties. That said, several types of inspections are essential, looking at all aspects of the property. A window inspection is one of the most crucial inspections, especially during the fall season. After all, you want to ensure your windows are air-tight and energy-efficient for the colder months. […]

How to Protect Your Vacant Rental Property


Do you own a rental home in Baltimore County? If so, you probably know that although the county’s vacancy rate is at an impressive 5.89%, far lower than the state’s average of 6.49%, your home will sit vacant at one point or another for an extended period. That is simply the nature of owning a rental […]

October is Financial Planning Month: Tips for Investors


October is Financial Planning Month, which means it’s a great time for investors and property managers to start looking at their budgeting strategies. If you’re unfamiliar with Financial Planning Month, today we’ll go over the basics of what it means and tips for real estate investors and property managers to follow. Read along to learn […]

Top 10 Expensive Rental Home Repairs for Landlords

Many uncertainties accompany rental property ownership. However, one thing is for certain, maintenance and repairs are inevitable. Unfortunately, a common mistake for new landlords is underestimating potential maintenance costs and not preparing for the worst. While avoiding many disastrous repairs involves preventive action, it is always a good idea to set aside more emergency funds […]

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: 5 Ways to Get Started

Real estate investments have several benefits, whether you’re buying a rental property or pooling money together into a real estate investment trust (REIT). Either way, it’s important for beginners to know their options and choose one that aligns with their business goals. Today, we’ll go over real estate investing for beginners and five different strategies […]

Employee Spotlight – Olga Torrefiel, BMG Property Manager


At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they each contribute something special to our property management company. […]

Fall Landscaping Tips for Tenants to Help Protect Your Rental this Winter

As the weather and leaves begin to turn this Fall, not everyone immediately thinks of landscaping opportunities. But in fact, the Fall is the ideal time to complete essential outdoor maintenance to ensure your rental property stays protected and beautiful all year long. While the property owner should complete major tasks, there are several things […]

What Are the Responsibilities of a Property Management Company?

New or novice rental property owners may find that being a landlord entails more than they bargained for. That said, enlisting the help of one of Gaithersburg’s top property management companies is the next logical step. However, you may be unfamiliar with the responsibilities of a property manager and just how much they can benefit property […]