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Rent Payment Policies and Rent Collection Software for Landlords

Rent Payment Policies and Rent Collection Software for Landlords

As a landlord, success often hinges on receiving timely and complete rental payments. Therefore, creating comprehensive rent payment policies will help streamline operations and ensure you have the best chance of receiving all payments due. So, join us below to review how to create rent payment policies and some software options to make a landlord’s […]

6 Tips to Successfully Showing a Rental Property

  Facilitating property tours for prospective tenants is an essential part of being a landlord. In fact, this step in the process is just as crucial as marketing to and screening potential renters. Most landlords realize that showing their property in the best possible light is crucial. Sometimes a deep clean, staging furniture, or boosting […]

CDC Eviction Ban: What Can Landlords Do to Protect Their Investment?

How Landlords can Deal With the CDC Eviction Ban

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) once again extended the national ban on evictions. What was supposed to expire on June 30th has now been pushed to July 31, 2021. In a statement made June 24th, the CDC said that this was intended to be the final extension of the orders meant to […]

Understanding Rental Property Pricing in a Seller’s Market

Understanding Rental Property Pricing in a Seller's Market

Housing prices continue to soar in many areas as supply still struggles to keep up with demand. This increased demand and low supply creates a strong seller’s market within the real estate industry – but where does this leave rentals? The truth is, the rental market does take some cues from the housing market. Therefore, […]

The Pros and Cons: One-Month Free vs Lowering the Rent

When it comes to marketing, many things can draw attention to your property. Of course, online ads are essential for your rental property, but even the best rentals sometimes need a little something extra to get tenants to commit to a lease. That said, moving is expensive, and therefore offering free money is always a […]

When Can My Washington, D.C. Landlord Make Deductions From my Security Deposit?

It is not uncommon for renters to have some security deposit deductions they were not ready for. In fact, a Rent.com survey explains that one out of four renters had funds withheld when they anticipated a full refund of their deposit. Thus, leaving renters wondering – how did this happen? Is it legal for the […]

How to Turn Off Your Water to Prevent Water Damage in Your Rental

How to Turn Off Your Water to Prevent Water Damage in Your Rental

Water issues in a rental property are more than just an inconvenience. In fact, water can lead to extensive damage, mold growth, health hazards, and expensive repairs if not immediately addressed. That said, when a pipe burst and water is pouring into your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So, knowing how to find […]

Employee Spotlight – Chris Riggs, Property Manager

Employee Spotlight - Chris Riggs, Property Manager

At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they contribute something special to our property management company. Therefore, […]

How to Properly Clean Your Rental Home Prior to Listing

Preparing your rental property for the next tenant is critical to the success of your rental property business. Every renter does, and should, want to move into an impeccably clean home. However, even before that, prospective applicants do not want to tour a dirty property. After all, first impressions are lasting ones! So, presenting a clean […]

Tenant Screening Policies to Avoid Fair Housing Violations

Tenant Screening Policies to Avoid Fair Housing Violations

Tenant screening is a landlord’s best defense against potential problem tenants. However, it is also a process that opens property owners up to major liability if Fair Housing Laws are not carefully followed. In this day and age, lack of knowledge is not a defense. So, landlords must learn and adhere to all federal, state, […]