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Less Than 1% Eviction Rate
Avg. Time Rental Is on Market 23 Days

14 Free Things for Baltimore Residents to Do

Maryland’s largest and most diverse city, Baltimore, has much to offer your future tenants. Known for its beautiful waterfront harbor, shops that resemble historical times, and restaurants that can satisfy even the trendiest of people, this is the city to be in. Baltimore offers an abundance of special events and activities all throughout the year. […]

6 Easy Ways to Help Tenants Transition Happily to a New City

If you’ve ever moved to a new city, you know how stressful the process can be. Not only do you have to deal with the normal hassles of moving like packing and cleaning – you also have to leave familiar surroundings and get used to a completely new area. You have to figure out where […]

7 Tips for Planning and Taking a Relaxing Vacation as a Landlord

Many full time jobs allow employees to take a couple of weeks every year for vacation. Unfortunately, landlords often don’t have that luxury because taking care of tenants and properties requires 24/7 availability. Because of this, landlords often completely avoid taking vacations, which can cause burnout and frustration. While you might think working all of […]

The Maryland Landlord’s Guide to Renting to College Students

If you’re like many Prince George’s County landlords, you might worry that renting to college students will mean dealing with constant partying in your property, unwanted long-term guests, and costly damages. That may be true sometimes, but what you may not realize is that renting to students can be very lucrative, if done correctly. Whether […]

7 Ways to Deal with Tenant Conflicts

If you are a Baltimore County landlord, you understand that sometimes the hardest part of owning rentals is dealing with tenants. Your tenants may be renting your property, but they have made your property their home. It’s understandable that from time-to-time conflicts will arise. The biggest mistake in dealing with tenant issues is to not […]

5 Advertising Tips to Attract High-Quality Tenants to Your Rental Property

As a landlord, you’re not just a person who collects rent checks. You also have to be a maintenance person, a salesperson, a supervisor, and – you guessed it – an advertiser! But maybe advertising isn’t easy for you. Maybe you’re struggling to use marketing tactics to find the top-quality tenants you want. Or, maybe […]

9 Tips for Adding Serious Curb Appeal to Rental Your Property

First Impressions Matter Let’s say you’ve just brought a prospective tenant to view your Howard County property. Put yourself in their shoes for a second – what’s your first impression of the property when you look at its exterior? It might be tough to form an unbiased opinion, but envision your property and try your […]

When is it Legal to Refuse to Rent?

One of the first things successful landlords tell anyone thinking of renting out a property is to always select good tenants. It doesn’t take much for a bad tenant to turn your profitable investment into a money-losing nightmare. There are many federal, state, and local laws that limit the control you have to refuse to […]

5 Tips for Painting Your Rental Property’s Interior

Part of being a good landlord in Maryland is keeping your property in good shape.  What better way to do that than add a fresh coat of paint? A good paint job is an affordable change that can have a major positive impact on the quality of tenants you attract. After all, your tenants want […]

When to Make Repairs Yourself and When to Get Professional Help

Being a Howard County landlord sometimes means dealing with narrow margins on your rental income. When repairs need to be made, most landlords are tempted to do all of the repairs themselves. But, sometimes making the repairs yourself is more expensive than simply hiring a professional to do the work. When you are trying to […]