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Six Must-Have Contractors All Washington, D.C. Landlords Need on Their Speed Dial

top 6 contractors Laurel MDOwning rental properties often involves challenges that go beyond those of simply owning a home. Other people are living in that property, and damages are likely to be beyond your control. As a landlord, you are responsible for seeing that all maintenance requirements and repairs are resolved fully and promptly. There will be some basic repairs that you can complete with ease, but it is essential to have a list of trusted licensed contractors to help with the things that are beyond the scope of your experience.

As the owner of a rental home or apartment, you are solely responsible for any necessary renovations or repairs that may arise. Most of these jobs require workers with a specific skill set, and finding experienced, knowledgeable contractors to meet your needs can be a more difficult process than most people think. Researching the professionals in your area and getting recommendations from other landlords and homeowners is a key factor in selecting the best workers for the job, no matter how large or small. As a precaution, it is always wise to have each of these types of contractors on speed dial, and at your fingertips, in case any unforeseen problems arise.

1. Appliance Repair Company

Appliances are the items that often take the most use and abuse in a home or apartment. For this reason, they are the things that landlords see break down most often. Having a good company on hand to perform house appliance repairs in D.C. can save landlords tons of money. Items like that trusty old washing machine that has been working fine for years don’t always need to be replaced. Having a technician service, tune-up, and repair the washer will often get a few more good years of use out of it and save you the high cost of a brand new one. Landlords can save thousands of dollars over time by repairing appliances rather than replacing them – as long as they hire the right contractor.

2. Plumber

Extensive pipework and related water systems are the heart and vascular systems of the home. Luckily, small leaks and clogged drains are generally a problem that a landlord can fix on their own. Unfortunately, more significant plumbing problems are sure to arise at times. In these instances, you will need help from a qualified plumber. Licensed plumbers have the experience and knowledge to handle all extensive damage with your pipes and waterworks. The added benefit is the expert data they can provide you with, such as isometric drawings, quotes for plumbing repairs, and any other needs you may encounter regarding plumbing repairs and remodeling.

3. Electrician

Electrical work is usually something you shouldn’t attempt on your own. Some projects may look simple at a glance, but repairing bad wiring and electrical malfunctions are tasks that should be performed by a professional electrician. For this reason, you should always have an experienced electrician in your rolodex and seek their help whenever it becomes necessary.

A good approach to finding an electrician you can count on is to listen to the recommendations of people you know. When you choose an electrician, ask to see their licensing and talk to them about their history in the profession. Any confident expert in the electrical field will be truthful and transparent about their experience and references.

4. Carpenter

When we hear the word “carpenter,” it usually paints a picture in our minds of the olden days, and a village carpenter working all day in his workshop building furniture and wooden goods for the townspeople. Although artisans around the world still practice this sort of profession today, a modern carpentry expert is a must for any property owner.

These modern carpenters handle the construction, installation, and repair of frameworks and structures built of wood and related materials. Items in a typical home that require the expertise of a carpenter include doors, windows, walls, flooring, various moldings, and a framework. As you can see, their assistance is crucial when you need repairs or remodeling work done on both the inside and outside of your rental property.

5. Mason

There are three primary types of mason contractors, classified by the specific type of products they build with. These masons are known as bricklayers (brick masons), block masons, and stonemasons. These skilled workers can use brick, natural stone, or concrete blocks to fashion sturdy walls, fences, patio features, and other structures made of these materials. Parts of your property may be constructed of these materials, or you may plan to build on with them to increase structural stability or market value. If this is the case, you will require the work of a quality mason. Be sure to choose a mason with an appropriate skillset in the type of materials your work needs.

6. Roofing Contractor

If your rentals are homes as opposed to apartments, you may require the services of a skilled roofer more frequently. But either way, roofing contractors are professionals whose assistance you will call on often as a landlord. These contractors handle the installation, any repair work, and the replacement of roofs on all types of buildings. Materials they work with include various types of shingles like asphalt, fiberglass, wood, clay, slate, and metal. The intricate work involved with constructing a roof to protect a home from the harsh elements is not easy for a layman to handle effectively and should always be trusted to a knowledgeable professional.

The roof of any structure is typically the part of the building that takes the brunt of the elements’ wrath. For this reason, damage from the weather is common. Proper maintenance is essential in keeping tenants happy and properties habitable. Regular upkeep will help prevent potentially extensive damage and keep leaks from leading to mold and mildew growth within the attic and walls of the house.

While landlords can handle an array of property repairs and maintenance themselves, the majority of construction issues and remodeling work should be turned over to licensed professionals with years of experience honing their craft. Decisions on which particular types of contractors you may need depends upon the specifics of the repair or remodeling work you need to accomplish. Perhaps the most important factor in your choice is to do your research and be sure you are working with highly recommended professionals whom you can trust and whose work will last. The best contractors are often the ones who get great recommendations by word of mouth.

Keep in mind that many of these contractors are trained to perform various tasks in the construction field, but their focus is generally on one specific area of expertise. Always be direct about your expectations from these professionals. Any good contractor will be upfront with you when assessing repairs, give estimates on the cost of labor and materials, and provide an approximate timeline for work to be completed. When collaborating and arranging for work to be done, communication is always a key factor in ensuring your satisfaction with the end result of the project at hand.

If you need help finding the contractors mentioned above for your rental property, reach out to a team of property managers like the ones at Bay Properrty Management Group. We can help you get your contractors on speed dial, and at your fingertips, anytime you need them.