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Moving to Richmond? Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters


Despite the trying challenges and significant changes in the housing market throughout the past few years, Northern Virginia has remained a popular location to reside. That said, one of the more popular towns includes Richmond. Many people live here because of the beautiful views, developing city, and creative culture. If this sounds like a place you’d want to live, stick around while we go over why moving to Richmond has some of the best neighborhoods for commuters. 

Why is Moving to Richmond so Desirable?

If you live near Northern Virginia and you’re looking for a fun and affordable town to call home, you might want to consider moving to Richmond. Although some may be wary of moving during the pandemic, Richmond is full of exciting activities and reasonable prices. 

Moving to Richmond Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

In Richmond, there are over 200,000 people, and the average house price is around $300,000. That said, many people are willing to pay more for homes than sellers are asking, meaning homes are being sold quickly. So, unfortunately, the supply of housing in Richmond is quite scarce. 

People are looking to move to Richmond for many reasons, such as beautiful views, affordability, and it’s a rapidly growing city. However, unless you or someone you know lives in Richmond, it might be best to have someone show you around since there are so many activities to do there. So, here is a list of why people love to live in Richmond. 

  • Job Opportunities
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Overall Location
  • Favorable Weather

Job Opportunities

One of the reasons people are moving to Richmond is the abundance of job opportunities. If you look on Glassdoor, you’ll notice that there are over 22,000 job openings right now, ranging from entry positions to management positions and much more. 

With Richmond being home to the Fifth District Federal Reserve, tons of successful banking firms in the area are always hiring. Some of the top financial employers include Capital One Financial Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank.

That said, other popular jobs in Richmond consist of manufacturing projects, healthcare, information technology, and supply chain work. 

Arts and Entertainment

Because Richmond is so lively and busy, it brings a ton of activity and culture to the area. One of the most popular forms of entertainment in the city is the arts. For example, Richmond has several famous theaters that host significant events, such as Broadway shows and other productions. 

Along with that, Richmond has one of the country’s leading art schools, which is Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. One thing that you’ll be sure to see while in Richmond is creativity. 

Moving to Richmond Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

Overall Location

Since Richmond is right in the middle of Virginia, it puts residents in a great place to travel. As such, there are tons of attractions near and around Richmond that are easy and relatively quick to access. 

The average commute time in Richmond is around 21 minutes. However, other parts of Virginia remain much more brutal to commute to. In addition, traffic in surrounding cities is much worse than the minimal traffic in Richmond, which means residents spend more time in the car than they want. 

However, getting to most of the main attractions in Virginia takes around 2 hours from Richmond, whereas it would take much longer from areas like Arlington or Alexandria. 

Favorable Weather

Many states located in the south do not experience much winter or snowfall. However, Richmond does get an average of 11 inches of snow in the winter, meaning residents can get a good scope of all four seasons. That said, most of the days throughout the year are sunny with very warm weather. 

Overall, Richmond is an excellent place for people who want to experience a mild winter for a short period. However, since the United States gets an average of 28 inches of snow throughout winter, living in Richmond is much more favorable. 

Now, let’s go over some of the best neighborhoods to live in if you are a commuter moving to Richmond, the capital of Virginia. 

Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

Since Richmond is a desirable location, many people can quickly commute from surrounding neighborhoods. As a result, the average commute time in Richmond is less than the average commute time in the US.

If you are moving to Richmond, check out these top neighborhoods to live in if you commute to work or other local places frequently. 

  • Scott’s Addition
  • Carytown
  • Museum District
  • The Fan District
  • Church Hill

Scott’s Addition

Each neighborhood in Richmond has its perks and certain things they are known for. For example, Scott’s Addition is known for its lively nightlife and breweries. With over 30 breweries, cideries, and distilleries nearby, citizens of Richmond can enjoy bar-hopping and trying new drinks with friends and family. 

Another excellent quality about Scott’s Addition is that it’s close to most of the attractions in Richmond. So, with just a short commute, you can see all the sights, breweries, and activities you’d like. 


Carytown is another exciting town to see if you live in Richmond. While it’s known for being the best town for shopping, Carytown is also a great place to live if you like to explore. In addition, since it’s right in the heart of Richmond, it’s easy to commute to work or visit other towns nearby. 

That said, even though this town is bustling with busy shoppers, there are plenty of single-family homes that line the side streets as well. As such, residents love this town so much because of the activities and accessibility to other cities in Richmond. 

Moving to Richmond Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

Museum District

If you are moving to Richmond or live nearby, you’ll have to check out Museum District. This neighborhood is known for its sizeable Civil War monuments, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and The Virginia Museum of History. 

Along with that, this town is excellent for exploring other Richmond neighborhoods. For example, Carytown, Scott’s Addition, and The Fan District are all within walking distance. So, whether you commute by car, on foot, or by public transportation, it won’t take you long at all. 

The Fan District

The Fan District is primarily a residential area, bustling with local businesses and restaurants. This neighborhood gets its unique name from the tree-lined streets that fan out from east to west. That said, the homes in this area include a mixture of homeowners and renters. 

Luckily, The Fan District is close to other towns and attractions, so commute times are quick if you live here. Similarly, you can find plenty of bars, coffee shops, fitness centers, and shopping spots in and around The Fan District. 

Church Hill

If you want to learn a little more about American history while you’re on your commute to work, Church Hill is the place to be. Since it’s one of Richmond’s oldest neighborhoods, most homes here date to the pre-civil war era. That said, the Department of Historic Resources works hard to renovate buildings and preserve all the natural history in this area. 

With that, Church Hill is also a great place to visit to see the sights and history of Richmond. There are four large parks to appreciate and plenty of space to walk and explore. The hills may be steep to climb, but the views are worth it. So, if you are looking for a new place to enjoy on your daily commute, check out Church Hill. 

Moving to Richmond Top Neighborhoods for Richmond Commuters

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