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How to Make Your Income Property More Appealing to Tenants

You know by now that the only way to make your rental property profitable is by having tenants.  Sometimes, you may be struggling to find new renters due to a tough economy, competitive market or some other reasons. Bay Property Management Group is here to make sure the appearance of your property isn’t one of the reasons why tenants stay away. Use these tips to make your property more appealing.


1. Start from the Outside

We can never emphasize enough the importance of first impressions.  If the first thought of your potential tenants at the look of your rental is “this is hideous,” they are unlikely to be signing contracts any time soon. You want to set a positive tone right from the get-go, so take a little time to do some outside work:

  • Rake, mow and declutter the lawn.
  • Put trash and recycling bins out of sight.
  • Consider planting some flowers or shrubbery to add color and pleasant aroma.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to the doors, windows and trim, or even the mailbox.
  • If it’s a holiday season, spend a few dollars on a holiday garden flag, festive pumpkins or some other piece of outside décor that will capture attention and set a positive mood.
  • Adding a basket or tub of flowers by the door and a nice doormat can be just the right special touch to make a property more welcoming.

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if your property has been empty for a while, it’s easy for dust to accumulate.  Stop by before each viewing and check out the premises.  Clean windows and doors, dust any furniture or other surfaces, and sweep and vacuum.  Be sure to check corners and small spaces for cobwebs or insects, and address any problems before potential renters arrive.  It’s also a good idea to have a plug-in air freshener that will help get rid of any musty or other undesirable smells.

3. Paint, Paint, Paint

When it comes to sprucing up a home, a little time and paint can go a long way.  Places where a fresh coat of paint are most important?

  • Ceilings
  • Trim
  • Large expanses of blank walls

So, grab a paintbrush!  Stained, scuffed, or dirty walls are the last thing a renter wants to see.  Choose an inviting, neutral color and add a fresh coat of paint to any rooms that need it.  Ceilings are often forgotten, and those can get just as marked-up as walls, so don’t miss them!  Touching up trim with fresh layers or a totally new color can be just as effective, and can even help rooms look more spacious.

Paint is not just for walls, either.  If your property features uncarpeted stairs or a wooden banister, check to see if they need help, and go for it.  If kitchen or bathroom cabinets look like they need an update, choose a durable paint in a universally-pleasing shade (think neutrals, especially white or black for kitchens and bathrooms).  Refreshing your whole property can be as simple as a few strokes of a brush.

4. Think Small Details

These are the little things nobody thinks about – except your tenants!


Doorknobs, drawer and cabinet pulls, light switches, and electrical socket covers should be safe, secure and updated if necessary.  Cracked or loose switch and socket covers can be hazardous, especially if tenants have small children or animals.


No, you don’t need to decorate the entire house, but look at things like window coverings, shower curtains and lighting fixtures.  Dusty or moldy curtains in any part of a home can totally turn off a tenant, and flickering or out-of-date light fixtures are just as bad.

Furniture and appliances

If your rental property comes with any furniture or appliances, make sure they are clean, working and safe to use. If previous tenants stained and damaged the couch with cigarette burns, it might be a good idea to get rid of it. An apartment with no couch is more appealing to most people than the one with a gross smelly couch.


Making your rental property more attractive takes just a little extra time and effort.  Many solutions are inexpensive and easy, and can give your property a whole new look. You especially need to step up your game if your income property is in a highly competitive market, such as Maryland. Baltimore property management is a tough, but rewarding job, and if you come across any difficulties, Bay Management group is here to assist you; you can find us at 1805 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21231.