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Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Rental Property or Other Small Spaces

A chill is in the air, and that means the holiday season is once again upon us. After the dark days of the pandemic, this is the perfect time to get into the festive spirit. Of course, that means putting up some colorful and bright decorations. But for renters, holiday decorating often involves dealing with space limitations and lease restrictions. So, how can tenants get in the spirit without breaking their lease? Continue reading below for apartment-friendly holiday decorating tips, along with advice on how to keep your property safe this season.


How to Make the Most of Decorating in Small Spaces

How to Make the Most of Decorating in Small SpacesWhether you live in an apartment or are just limited on space, that does not have to dampen your holiday spirit. The key to making the most of your room and budget is to think outside of the box. Check out these holiday decorating tips below –

  1. Start with the Door
  2. Rethink the Traditional Christmas Tree
  3. Set Up a Hot Cocoa Bar
  4. Add Some Cozy Details
  5. Bask in Candlelight
  6. Spruce Up the Bathroom
  7. Highlight Family Memories
  8. Get Creative with Countdowns

Start with the Door

A wreath or some type of holiday décor hanging on the door is a great way to showcase your personality and welcome guests. However, this type of décor is not limited to the front door anymore. That’s right! Don’t forget the doors inside the home, such as bedrooms and baths that could also benefit from some holiday cheer.

Whether you decide to add a bow, decorate with leftover wrapping paper, buy a premade wreath, or craft something of your own – this is a simple way to add festive flair. Just remember, traditional metal door hangers can damage or scratch a door’s finish. So, invest in some damage-free hangers such as Command hooks.

Rethink the Traditional Christmas Tree

A big beautiful fresh tree is not always the practical choice for a variety of reasons. Space and safety are often significant factors when deciding if a traditional tree is right for you. However, fresh trees require diligent watering, or they can become a fire hazard. Instead, opt for a slim profile faux tree or tabletop model.

Other non-traditional choices include wall trees, which allow tenants to still have the shape and feel of a tree with a minimal footprint. Not sure you want to invest in a faux tree? Adding battery-operated fairy lights to existing houseplants is one of the hottest holiday decorating tips this season.

Set Up a Hot Cocoa BarSet Up a Hot Cocoa Bar

Few things are better on a chilly winter night than a hot cup of cocoa. That said, it is also an opportunity to bring some holiday-themed cheer to a small corner of your home. Whether you have guests coming or are doing it for yourself, set up a cocoa station with drink mix, mugs, and all of your favorite toppings.

Add Some Cozy Details

Consider swapping out your throw pillows for a fast, budget-friendly, and festive twist for any holiday. Decorative pillows can transform a space while adding a cozy feel, whether they are on the sofa, in a chair, or on a bed. In addition to pillows, throw blankets or seasonal bedding is another excellent way to bring a pop of color or cheer to your small spaces.

Red and green is a Christmas classic, while blue and silver is a popular choice for Hanukkah. However, these details do not have to be holiday-specific. So, consider a winter wonderland theme in warm tones with snowflakes of beading for an elegant touch.

Bask in Candlelight

The soft glow of candlelight immediately invokes feelings of coziness on a cold winter night. That’s why adding some candles in a window or around your apartment is one of the most popular holiday decorating tips year after year. For a cozy yet safe candlelight glow, use flameless candles on a timer for convenient worry-free decorating.

Spruce Up the Bathroom

Yes, do not forget to bring some holiday spirit to every room of the house, including the bathroom. For a modest investment, the bathroom can get a holiday facelift simply by swapping out towels, bathmats, or shower curtains. Also, don’t forget a seasonal scented hand soap!

Highlight Family Memories

The holidays are often a time for sharing time and memories with family and friends. So, one of our most nostalgic holiday decorating tips is to showcase these family traditions or memories creatively. If you receive holiday cards throughout the season, try hanging them on some wide decorative ribbon around a window or doorway.

Another great way to showcase family memories is through photos. Luckily, a collection of frames on a dresser or table does not take up much room – or for an even more space-saving idea, just hang them on the refrigerator.

Get Creative with Countdowns

The holidays can sneak up on you and this time of year seems to fly by. So, why not make the most of the anticipation with a fun and creative countdown calendar. Nowadays, there are a variety of advent calendars for purchase that feature everything from snacks to sweets and even wine samples. For those who are crafty, consider making your own for a more personal touch.

Holiday Decorating Tips to Avoid Damage

Whether you live in a rental property or not, no one wants their holiday decorations to damage the walls or fixtures. For tenants, damage raises particular concern as it can result in deductions from the security deposit. So, check out these great holiday decorating tips and products to help avoid damaging your property this season.

  • 3M Command Products – The 3M company is the go-to standard for damage-free decorating. Their line of hooks, hangers, and removable adhesive strips come in a variety of finishes. In addition, these hangers can easily be used for stringing lights, putting up photos, or adding a festive wreath to the door. Then, once the holidays are over, simply remove for a residue and damage-free finish.
  • Brick Clips and Hangers – These hangers are specifically designed to help hang items up to 25 pounds on brick walls. So, if there are brick walls in your rental home, there is no need for that to hinder your holiday decorating.
  • Washi Tape – Japanese washi tape is one of the less familiar holiday decorating tips on our list. However, it’s easily removable and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any style. So, consider using this to hang cards, pictures, or use it on its own for a festive accent.

Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep Your Property Safe

Traditional holiday decorations can come with some risks to the safety of people and the property. So, tenants must follow all manufacturer instructions and avoid high-risk décor items. Let’s review a few suggestions and holiday decorating tips below to help prevent the risk of fire, hazards, or injury.

Holiday Decorating Tips to Avoid DamageElectrical Safety

  • Ensure any light strands are in proper working order and in good condition.
  • To further prevent safety issues or fire risk, look for a tag showing the lights were approved by Underwriters Laboratory. Remember that red “UL” marks indicate indoor/outdoor use and green “UL” marks indicate the lights are only for indoor use.
  • Do not use lights rated for indoor use in an outdoor setting
  • Use heavy-duty extension cords and do not overload plugs with more than three strands of connected lights.
  • Do not use an indoor extension cord in an outdoor setting
  • Use a programable timer to automatically toggle decorations on and off so as not to waste power.
  • Instead of nails or tacks, use plastic clips to hang outdoor lighting safely.
  • All outdoor lights or inflatable decorations should be plugged into ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). Thus, helping to prevent the risk of electric shock.

General Safety

  • Keep lights away from direct contact with drapery, furniture, or fabric
  • Always keep real or live trees adequately hydrated to help mitigate the risk of fire
  • Keep cords tidy and away from areas where they may be a tripping hazard
  • Use ladders or stepstools safely and on steady ground
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions for all holiday decorations

Can I Put Up Holiday Decorations in a Rental?

Yes, every tenant has the right to celebrate the holidays with family and friends – and with festive decorations. However, it is essential for tenants to properly care for the home and avoid causing damage to surfaces, walls, or flooring. If you plan on hanging anything outside, it might be a good idea to check with your landlord. Landlords will appreciate the heads up, and it could avoid a potential lease violation in the process. Whether you have a small studio apartment or a large single-family home, there is always room for holiday cheer.

At Bay Management Group, we have the area’s latest rental property listings. In addition, our dedicated team of leasing agents is ready to help you get into a new rental for the holidays. So check us out online or if you are a property owner looking for rental management services, give us a call today.