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HOA Newsletter Ideas: How to Improve Your Newsletter

Are you running out of ideas for your monthly newsletter? Unsure of what topics to cover? HOA board members and property managers use newsletters to share updates and important information with community members. However, there may be confusion about what to include and what not to include in the monthly HOA newsletter. Today, we’ll discuss why having a newsletter is important, what makes a good newsletter, how to create one, and some creative ideas. 

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Why Is an HOA Newsletter Important?

HOA newsletters are important for several reasons. After all, they’re one of the main ways that the HOA board communicates with community members. Newsletters contain crucial information ranging from updates on upcoming events and community news to changes in rules or maintenance schedules. As such, sending out a monthly newsletter helps keep residents informed and engaged in what’s happening throughout the community. 

Whether you’re a board member, resident, or HOA property manager in Philadelphia, you’ll want to pay attention to the monthly newsletter. Read along to learn what to include and how to make each newsletter creative and more engaging.

What to Include in Your HOA Newsletter

Your newsletter should be informative, engaging, and well-structured. Keeping the same structure for each newsletter can make it easier for community members to find the necessary information. That said, here are some of the main topics you’ll want to put in each monthly letter. 

  • Date and Issue Number- Clearly state the date and issue number at the top of the newsletter to help HOA members keep track of the latest updates and editions.
  • Announcements- Share important announcements such as upcoming community-wide events, maintenance projects, or changes in HOA policies or procedures.
  • Upcoming Events- Provide a calendar or list of upcoming events the HOA organizes, like social gatherings, committee meetings, or community clean-up days.
  • Policy Changes- Communicate any recent changes or updates to HOA rules, regulations, or governing documents.
  • Messages from the Board- Include messages or updates from HOA board members, such as summaries from recent board meetings, updates on ongoing projects, or messages of appreciation to residents for their cooperation and support.
  • Future Board Meeting Dates- Provide a schedule of upcoming HOA board meetings, including dates, times, and locations to encourage members to attend and participate.
  • Reminders- Include reminders about important dates, deadlines, or tasks that residents need to be aware of, such as dues payments or seasonal maintenance responsibilities.
  • Member News- Highlight member news and achievements within the community, such as births, graduations, or other milestones.

7 Creative HOA Newsletter Ideas

While you’ll want to keep the same structure and format, your newsletter doesn’t have to contain the same repetitive information each month. In fact, if it’s too repetitive and somewhat predictable, fewer people might read it. Here are some ideas for keeping things interesting and creative. 

  1. Talk About Upcoming HOA Projects or Events
  2. Highlight Community Members
  3. Include Important Updates or Reminders
  4. Showcase Local Businesses
  5. Provide Maintenance, Health, or DIY Tips
  6. Use a Mix of Photos and Text
  7. Ask Community Members to Participate

Talk About Upcoming HOA Projects or Events

There’s nothing wrong with discussing HOA achievements or upcoming events in the monthly newsletter. While you want to keep things creative and fun, discussing successful projects or events is a great way to inform community members about what’s been going on. So, whether the HOA just finished designing a new local park or you want to remind residents of an upcoming workshop, use a section of the newsletter for these updates. 

Highlight Community Members

Chances are you have some talented and hardworking HOA members living within the community. That said, your newsletter is an excellent place to celebrate them! Whether you had a group of community members host an environmental clean-up day, a special charity event, or a neighborhood food drive, your newsletter is a great way to showcase their hard work. 

Include Important Updates or Reminders

Each newsletter needs a section for special updates or reminders for HOA members. Most residents want (or need) to know about new rules and regulations, HOA minutes from previous meetings, future board meeting dates, and maintenance notices. While this isn’t as fun and creative as other sections of the newsletter, it’s important nonetheless. 

Showcase Local Businesses

Another great way to add unique content to your HOA newsletter is by showcasing different local businesses. Think of different restaurants, shops, or family businesses you want to highlight to community members. This not only sparks curiosity but also helps boost the local economy and is a great way to get residents involved in unique ways. 

Provide Maintenance, Health, or DIY Tips

To keep things fun, fresh, and less serious, consider adding a section with tips for community members. After all, if you want to support your residents’ health, happiness, and overall wellness, let them know! This section can include DIY home projects, recipes, health and wellness tips, gardening and landscaping ideas, and more. 

Use a Mix of Photos and Text

Your HOA newsletter should be scannable and easy to read. Too many large blocks of text are hard to digest and may be unappealing to read. As such, just as you’ll want to focus on the content you include, it’s equally important to look at the layout. It’s best to keep paragraphs short, and adding a corresponding picture can make it easier to read. Additionally, if you’re including ads in the newsletter, make sure they don’t take precedence over community news or stories.

Ask Community Members to Participate

It can be difficult to come up with all the content for a newsletter–especially if you put one out every month. One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to save yourself some time is having community members submit stories or snippets to include in the newsletter. These may include personal stories, jokes, poetry, art, quotes, or trivia questions. Including a section with fun stories or entries from residents keeps things interesting and fun for others to read. 

Manage Your HOA Professionally With BMG

A monthly HOA newsletter is a great way to keep the community informed and involved–and it doesn’t have to be boring! With these tips on how to structure your newsletter and what to include, you can create an excellent resource for community members.

If you’re looking for help managing your Philadelphia HOA community, Bay Property Management Group can help. Our team of experienced property management professionals can help ensure your HOA is well-managed and your residents stay up-to-date on important community projects or events. Contact BMG today to learn more about our management services and how we can help your HOA succeed!