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Finding a Rental Property in Montgomery PA

Tips for Renters in Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Rental homes are on the rise in many areas including Montgomery County PA. As the competition increases in the rental property business, it can be difficult to know what to look for as a renter. With all the amenities available, you want to weigh your options! Check out these tips for renters in Montgomery County Pennsylvania below.

Areas to Consider Renting in Montgomery County, PA

  • Fort Washington: Ft Washington boasts small-town charm just 25 minutes from Philadelphia, this is an ideal place to soak up local parks, culture, and historic attractions.
  • King of Prussia: Named for a 1769 tavern and inn, King of Prussia offers tons of things to do thanks to luxury shopping and a variety of restaurants.
  • Pottstown: Situated between Philadelphia and Reading and home to the nation’s oldest mill, Pottstown continues to grow while maintaining its main street charm.
  • Ardmore: Only 8 miles from Philadelphia, Ardmore was rated one of Pennsylvania’s top places to live for young professionals.

Qualifying to Rent in Montgomery County

Each landlord may have different criteria they use to evaluate potential renters. As a good rule of thumb, be prepared with the following basic requirements before you apply to rent a Montgomery Co property –

  1. A minimum acceptable credit score
  2. A requirement to have never been evicted
  3. A minimum acceptable monthly income amount (for example, average 3x more than the monthly rent amount)
  4. A clean criminal background check
  5. A required number of good references to include previous landlords

Tips to Distinguish Amenities vs Necessities in Your Rental Search

As you peruse the local rental market, it is easy to go overboard in the search for high-quality amenities. Before you begin your search, make a list of must-haves along with added wants and stick to your budget! Many items that used to be considered wants are now the standard in apartment living.  Geographic locale and affordability are a priority, but consider some of the necessities and amenities below –

Must-have Rental Necessities

  • In-unit Washer and Dryer: While shared laundry has its conveniences, there is no comparison to having in-unit laundry. The bonus of doing laundry at any time without leaving your unit is a huge plus.
  • Hardwood Flooring: Besides looking better than other flooring materials such as carpet, hardwood flooring is easier to maintain. While it may lead to higher rental rates, it could be worth it.
  • Well-maintained and functional appliances: While high-end is nice, at a minimum you should expect the appliances to be clean and in proper working order. Well-maintained appliances decrease the likelihood of maintenance issues down the road.
  • Heat/AC: An efficient heating or air conditioning system will save on energy costs while keeping you more comfortable in any season.

Additional Must-have Amenities to Consider

  • Nonsmoking building
  • Central air conditioning
  • Dishwasher
  • Pet-Friendly Building

Top Amenities that Stretch the Budget in Montgomery County

Top Amenities that Stretch the Budget in Montgomery County, PA

Luxury living? Who wouldn’t want that? When it comes to prioritizing what’s important be sure to ask yourself if the want outweighs the cost. Don’t get swept up in the upgraded finishes without careful consideration.

  • Modern Kitchen: Who doesn’t love granite countertops or stainless steel appliances? Gorgeous breakfast bar, yes, please! While it may be beautiful, these are not necessities and can greatly impact your bottom line.
  • Fitness Center: While it is convenient to work out in your building whenever you want, that may not warrant the added cost to do so. Local gyms in the area may offer discounts for local residents or may generally be a cheaper option then the added rental cost. Depending on your lifestyle, and attached fitness center may be a bonus but is not a necessity.
  • Swimming Pool: This is a top amenity in most high-end apartment complexes. However, just like the fitness center, think about the cost vs the use you would get from it. A swimming pool is great in warmer weather, but everyone else in your complex will have the same idea. It would be great to have the option but is not a necessity.
  • Private Balcony: Outdoor space is a plus in any rental. But before you envision yourself sitting with a coffee in hand, consider the climate and actual time you would use it. Are there local parks or community spaces close by? If so, consider spending time there instead of a small balcony with room for a chair.
  • Parking Garage: Depending on the area, parking may be a necessity. Before you jump in, research the local area and parking options available to you. There may be more cost-effective options that on-site parking that’s usually available for a premium.

With so many options on the market with varying styles and options, finding what is best for you can be confusing. Use these helpful tips for renters in Montgomery County to help navigate the ever-changing rental market. Need help finding exactly what you need? Contact a Montgomery County property manager for the latest rental listings offering a variety of amenities!