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A Home Decorating Guide to Find Your Personal Style

A Home Decorating Guide to Find Your Personal Style

Out with the old – which includes your rental’s tired or dated décor – and in with the new! When it comes to determining your own personal decorating style, it’s important to remember not every choice is suited to a rental property. Ideally, rental properties need to be stylish but a blank slate for future tenants.  With that in mind, join us as we break down the top design trends of 2021 in this home decorating guide below.

Home Decorating Guide to the 5 Best Paint Colors of the Year

As the world cozies up at home, 2021 brings a wave of deep, rich colors to home design. That said, some of the bolder choices like crimson, mocha, and eggplant are not the best for rentals. Instead, focus on the new neutrals of the year to bring a fresh and bright approach to your rental’s interior. Check out these top options from HGTV that would be perfect for an investment property –

  1. Behr’s Jojoba – Characterized as the gentle misty glow of early morning on the coast, Jojoba is a dusty pale green with cool sage notes.
  2. Benjamin Moore’s Chestertown Buff – Falling somewhere between mustard and muted sunshine, this dreamy hue provides a neutral backdrop with just a little added flair.
  3. Valspar’s Granite Dust – A versatile and subtle alternative to more assertive grays that can read warm or cool depending on the other materials and colors in the room.
  4. Valspar’s Maple Leaf – The perfect spiced chai backdrop for a room festooned with houseplants for a particularly serene contrast.
  5. Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal – Evoking the calm coolness of a blue-green ocean, Aegean Teal invites you to breathe and reset.

Rental Home Decorating Guide – 6 Must-see Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Interior decorating is more than just paint colors; it creates a mood and backdrop for people’s lives. The best ideas celebrate individuality by focusing on what someone brings to the home. Therefore, if landlords focus on providing a fresh blank slate, tenants can infuse their personal style. Plus, thanks to modern materials like removable wallpaper, tenants can infuse that uniqueness damage-free! Let’s take a look at our home decorating guide to this year’s top design trends below.

  1. Mix and Match Patterns
  2. Thoughtful Rustic
  3. Embrace Global Flair
  4. Curated Vintage
  5. Choose Sustainability
  6. Spotlight the Home Office

Mix and Match PatternsMix and Match Patterns

Who says plaid cannot go with polka dots? Break out of your comfort zone by mixing bold patterns for an instant style statement. Adding color through accessories or furniture is a great option for rental properties. However, the key here is scale and tone. It is best to vary the scale of patterns to achieve just the right balance. Also, make sure that although the patterns vary, there is at least one common tone that brings everything together.

Thoughtful Rustic

The shabby chic trend may have come and gone, but that does not mean rustic elements have lost their luster. For example, to add interest to space, select accent pieces that use reclaimed wood. Another home decorating guide tip highlights the home’s existing features such as hardwood flooring and wooden beams. So, consider refinishing flooring or stripping paint to expose beams and bring out their true character. That said, a little goes a long way and ensures that this style seamlessly blends with the bones of the property. Thus, an urban loft may not be the best place for a reclaimed barn door – so, make sure it makes sense.

Embrace Global FlairEmbrace Global Flair

Some of the world’s most exotic locations are out of reach for many, but not when it comes to their influence on décor. Whether you find yourself inspired by an island retreat or a mountainside chalet, any home can transform into a true place to recharge. When it comes to global influence, using a mix of colors, patterns, and textures can easily create a soft and inviting space. For example, in a bedroom, try a woven rattan headboard accented by flowing sheer fabric and a selection of broad-leaf indoor plants for a breezy escape.

Curated Vintage

Now is the time to embrace those collections of colorful dishes or treasured antiques. In fact, mixing in repurposed or salvaged antiques is one of the hottest decorating trends of 2021. That said, be selective! By approaching antiques with a less is more attitude, incorporating a few timeless pieces can completely change the feel of a room. Looking to jazz up a kitchen? Try displaying colorful glassware, cookware, or vintage dishes on open shelving for a pop of personality.

Choose Sustainability

Earthy and well-balanced interiors in 2021 include a focus on sustainable materials. While this trend is not new, developments in modern processes give homeowners more options than ever for eco-friendly design. For example, IKEA now offers durable and cost-effective cabinets made from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, many homeowners are upgrading their carpet with sustainable bamboo flooring offered in a variety of finishes.

Spotlight the Home Office

As many companies shifted to a work from home model during the pandemic, employees had to rush to find a quiet corner to work. Now that things have calmed down a little, it is time to make the home office space a unique and pleasant work environment. Even if you do not have a separate room, adding functional and interesting décor to your workspace makes a huge difference. So, make sure you have a comfortable chair and ample light from either a window or an attractive desk lamp. Also, do not be afraid to add some removable wallpaper to clearly define the space and offer inspiration.

How to Showcase Your Rental to Find a Tenant

Having a well-maintained and stylish rental property is only half of the equation to finding the ideal tenant. It also takes utilizing professional-quality photos and a comprehensive screening process. At Bay Property Management Group, our local knowledge and aggressive marketing strategies get your rental where qualified tenants will see it most.

Additionally, a staff of dedicated leasing agents shows the property, follows up on leads, and helps prospects through the application process. Give us a call or visit us online to learn more about our full-service rental management in your area today!