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Employee Spotlight – Louise Subido, Recruiting Assistant

At Bay Property Management Group, we are property management professionals focused on customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to make property ownership both a pleasurable and profitable experience for our clients. We know that our success is due to our awesome team members and how they each contribute something special to our property management company. 

Therefore, we initiated our Employee Spotlight to help you get to know more about our talented employees and how their unique backgrounds and expertise help us stay a “cut above the rest.” Today, we proudly introduce Louise Subido, Leasing Agent for BMG. Read on to discover all about Louise, her professional background, and what she enjoys most about working here at Bay Property Management Group. 

Meet Louise Subido, Recruiting Assistant for BMG Baltimore  

Our property management company in Baltimore couldn’t function without pros like Louise. Louise is a dedicated and excellent recruiting assistant who helps find the top-notch talent that sets out our company apart.

When it comes to her background, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from a prestigious school in the Philippines, Ateneo de Davao University. Straight out of college, her professional career began at the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Then, for eight and a half years, she held various roles including Customer Service Associate, Sales Associate, Bank Teller, and Admin Assistant.  

These roles sharpened her talent for bridging relationships between companies and the broader public. Her current role is the culmination of all her experiences. 

A Day in the Life 

Louise starts her workday bright and early at 7:30 am. During her day, she searches far and wide for the best possible candidates to fill open positions within the company.   

Then, she works tirelessly with hiring managers to ensure she delivers the perfect fit for our company. She interviews and reviews candidates to ensure they have the qualifications necessary for our clients to succeed. Next, once she and the hiring managers finally find the perfect fit, she assists the new hires with their onboarding. Louise coordinates communications between all parties to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Her favorite part of the job is when a candidate she presents gets hired by the management team. It gives her a sense of fulfillment every time BMG finds the right person for the role. It also brings her joy to know that her team has provided a valuable job opportunity for the applicant. 

If there was one thing she didn’t think people knew about her job, it would have to be the specialization her job requires. She wishes people knew how it takes a certain level of discernment to choose a candidate for a position at BMG. Oftentimes, there is more to what you see on paper. The goal is always to find someone who will add value to the company.  

Why Louise Loves Bay Property Management Group 

Louise appreciates how Bay Property Management Group instills a collaborative culture between the upper management and the employees. After observing all this, she is confident that BMG is one of the best property management companies out there. 

The biggest piece of advice she could give those considering this field or those already in the industry is to always aim for excellence. Approach your work with diligence and sincerity, especially when assisting anyone you come across. The property management field is not always easy, but it will give you a sense of fulfillment once you witness the positive impact of your efforts.  

Getting to Know Louise Outside the Office 

When you’re not in the office, what do you like to do?“I love spending time with my family and my dogs. I also love traveling, hanging out with friends, and dancing. Watching musicals and series is also something I enjoy.” 

Tell us something off your bucket list. – “See more of the world and travel to beautiful countries with rich cultures is something I want to experience. Oh, and skydiving, too.” 

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet and why? – “I’d like to pick on Lin Manuel-Miranda’s brain. I loved both his most famous works, Hamilton and In the Heights.” 

What is the best book you have ever read? – “Gone Girl. 

If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be? – “Single-use plastics.” 

Which three words to describe yourself? – “Hardworking. Passionate. Tenacious.” 

Bay Property Management Group is a full-service property management company here to help you with all your residential and multi-family property needs. Our business is strictly property management, so our specialization enables us to serve you better. Contact BMG today to learn more about our rental property management services and speak to one of our fantastic employees like Louise Subido.