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Effects of Canton’s COVID Resurgence Felt by Local Businesses

Effects of Canton's COVID Resurgence Felt by Local Businesses

Maryland continues to show progress as the state moves forward on the path to reopening. Yet, parts of Baltimore City struggle to gain control of the COVID pandemic. The neighborhood of Canton has seen a significant jump in cases over the past few weeks. Read on as we discuss the various effects of Canton’s COVID resurgence on local businesses and area landlords.

Local Canton Businesses Feel the Strain of COVID Surges

The 21224 zip code continues to see cases rising faster than other areas in the city and the state. But why is this happening? As many local restaurants opened to welcome back patrons, they found themselves quickly closing again. In the last month, seven Canton establishments have closed their doors after staff tested positive for the virus. Some restaurants chose not to open at all for in-person dining as business owners find themselves balancing safety and their bottom line.

Is Age to Blame for a Spike in COVID Cases?

Across the nation, health officials are taking note that younger people account for a large number of cases. Baltimore City demographics show ages 20 to 49 make up 52% of total cases. Canton, which has a median population age of 34, has one of the highest numbers of COVID cases statewide. While it is not valid for every individual, health officials are noticing growing trends among young people.


  • Younger people feel less at risk: Older individuals may be at higher risk of developing complications due to COVID. However, younger people can still face a long recovery if they fall ill during the pandemic. No one is invincible, at any age.
  • Younger people are less compliant: Reports say younger people are less compliant with social distancing regulations. Safety measures like quarantining and wearing masks while in public places are not as big of a concern to younger people eager to return to their daily lives.

Health officials continue to urge young people to be vigilant in following all CDC Guidelines. Besides, a young person may not become as seriously ill; they can still pass the virus to more at-risk individuals.

Landlords Prepare to Resume Eviction Filings

On March 5th, the Governor signed an order that prohibited courts from courts ordering evictions. This protects any tenant that can prove their failure to pay rent was the result of the pandemic. Everyday hardships include unexpected loss of employment, caring for school-aged children, or battling with COVID-19 themselves. According to the Maryland Courts official website, eviction proceedings will resume July 25, 2020. Landlords that have been waiting patiently for this day must be aware of some changes –

  • New Failure to Pay Rent Cases: Landlords must file a Declaration of Compliance Form (DC-CV 113). This ensures that the landlord complied with all CARES Act requirements. Declaration Forms must accompany all other paperwork for any failure to pay complaints from May 22, 2020, through July 25, 2020. If you do not submit the Declaration of Compliance Form, the court will not accept your filing.
  • Existing Failure to Pay Rent Cases: For any cases that began between March 27 and May 22, 2020, landlords must file a Declaration of Compliance Form (DC-CV 113). Keep in mind; if you fail to submit the necessary Declaration Forms by July 27, 2020, courts will dismiss the case.
  • Warrants of Restitution in Effect on March 16, 2020: Since the clerks’ office was closed for several months, deadlines are extended. However, not for long. Warrants of restitution with 1-60 days remaining on March 16, 2020, deadlines have been extended an additional 15 days after the offices reopen July 20, 2020.
  • Warrants of Restitution Pending/Filed: If the order was filed or pending between March 16, 2020, and July 25, 2020, deadlines extend for an additional 60 days after offices reopen on July 20, 2020.

How Can Landlords Prepare?

There will be an inevitable backlog of cases as courts resume operations in stages. As a property manager or landlord, follow these tips below to make sure your cases go as smoothly as possible.

How Can Landlords Prepare?

  1. Be Prepared – It is crucial to know who can be filed on and when. Check the MD Courts’ official page for any exclusions or restrictions.
  2. Do Your Research – Utilize state and court websites to stay up to date on developing requirements and process changes.
  3. Ensure Accuracy and Compliance – Double check that all paperwork is correct and included. A simple administrative error can severely delay your case.
  4. Maintain Thorough Records – File complaints electronically whenever possible and maintain all copies for your records.
  5. Be Patient – There is an inevitable backlog of cases as courts resume operations in stages.


As local businesses as well as the Canton rental industry continue to be affected by COVID-19, more changes will come. Are you a landlord unsure how to proceed with COVID compliance? Reach out to a property management company near Canton! Let our dedicated property management team take the stress and guesswork out of property compliance.