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COVID-19 Tenant Resources Available in Harford County

COVID-19 Resources for Tenants in Harford County
Depending on your state, chances are no eviction laws have been lifted. The United States ruled to end this on May 1st. Yet, some states like Pennsylvania have extended through June.
The law that was in place stated tenants have up to 120 days after the ban is lifted to pay back missing rent. Neither a property manager nor the tenant wants to deal with eviction, especially due to the pandemic. It’s a hard time for all. However, landlords need to make money in order to keep the property running smoothly.
With that being said, read on to learn what resources are available to assist with rent payment and avoid eviction. Even if you are a landlord. This information is important to know in order to provide the proper resources to tenants.

COVID-19 Resources for Tenants

  •  CARES Act: The CARES Act was enacted to help those financially struggling from the virus pay rent. Under the act there are three different unemployment services to help those that may not usually qualify for financial support including contractors and self-employed individuals. Learn more about these individual services here. The act pays insidiously up to $600 a week in unemployment to help keep up with rent and other bills. The amount of money someone will receive depends on how much money they were making for the 14 months leading up to the pandemic.
  • Fannie Mae Disaster Response Program: Apply for disaster relief from Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae offers personalized assessments to manage your living situation due to COVID, financial coaching, and more. It is important to stay up to date on financial resources and learn how to budget during COVID-19, especially if unemployed.
  • Unemployment & State Benefits: Chances are there are state unemployment services and benefits for those that need it. Check-in with your local government for specific details. Also, reach out to your local housing authority to learn of any additional housing benefits and assist me.

 More Tips for Tenants During COVID-19

  1. Do Not Strike: Rent strikes are popular right now during the pandemic to protest having to pay rent during this difficult time. Unfortunately, the strikes will not help you as a tenant and will negatively harm your landlord. Evictions weren’t canceled forever and the rent you refused to pay will come back to haunt you. Follow the advice below to avoid future eviction. 
  2. Speak to Your Landlord: Instead of striking, speak to your landlord and see what can be done on your end to avoid future eviction. During this time, most landlords and property managers are willing to work with tenants to help get rent paid without consequences. Payment plans, deferred payments, and lease extensions are a few options landlords are providing right now.
  3. Pay What you Can! Don’t take advantage of the pandemic as a way to avoid paying rent. If you can pay in full, do so. If not, pay as much as you can and make the payment plan with your landlord to assure them that the rest will be paid back as soon as possible.
If you’re a  landlord wondering how COVID-19 affects your rental properties, consult a Harford County property management company to get the fact! Bay Property Management Group Harford County has a team of experienced property managers working closely with landlords and tenants to help navigate these difficult times.