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How to Beat the DC Heat Without Breaking the Bank

The Washington, DC area recently experienced a tremendous heatwave, forcing residents to crank their air conditioners or find creative ways to keep cool. Humid and sticky nights can be unbearable and make it impossible to sleep, especially in homes with inefficient air conditioning or no air conditioning at all. If you’re lucky enough to have […]

Eight Ways to Make Your Washington D.C. Rental Property More Profitable

Let’s face it—one of the main reasons landlords and investors enter into rental property management is due to how easy it can be to make a good chunk of change without having to do large amounts of work. Of course, being a Washington D.C. landlord is not entirely without work. Collecting rent, finding tenants, and […]

What to Look for When Hiring Property Manager for Washington, D.C. Rental

When you’ve decided to invest in a Washington, D.C. rental property, you have a lot at stake. After all, you’ve probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your property, and you want to be sure it’s kept in the best condition possible, so it retains its value and attracts high-quality tenants for years to […]

6 Reasons Not to Invest in Rental Properties with Family

Investing in a rental property, such as one in the Washington metropolitan area, sometimes requires an investment partner. And who better to trust than a close family member? Working with family can be fun; it is a great bonding experience. Plus, it is an effective way to get things done. Unfortunately, when it comes to […]

The Many Faces of Lease Agreements

As a Washington, D.C. rental property owner, you agree to lease your rental home to tenants, for an agreed upon amount of time.  This lease agreement establishes the relationship between landlord and tenant and many times involves the help of a D.C. property management company.With a signed lease agreement, the tenant receives legal possession of […]

How to Lower Tenant Turnover Rates

How to Lower Tenant Turnover Rates

One of the most important jobs of a property management company is to keep residents for as long as possible. Any time a property is vacant, the owner is losing money. Every time a tenant renews his or her lease, the landlord, management company, and occupants all benefit. You need to work hard to set […]