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Security Systems for Any Sized Rental Property

Protecting your Philadelphia investment property from damage or vandalism is always a concern. Along with the safety concerns of your tenants, this type of destruction can be costly – especially if you’re unable to determine who is responsible for causing the problem and must cover the repairs yourself. To ensure you and your tenants are […]

Warranty Contract FAQ

In theory, a home warranty always sounds like a good idea, right? By default, you’re backing up a big investment with a guarantee that it’ll last a certain amount of time or perform at a specified level without breaking, damaging, or being deemed unusable. A lot of homeowners ask our team at Bay Property Management […]

How to Deal with Subletting

When you’ve chosen the right renter, you have certain expectations—you expect that person to respect your property, pay rent on time, and reside within your space for the amount of time specified on your lease. Above all, you expect them not to let anyone else stay in the space they’ve contracted with you. Subletting can […]

Fire Prevention During the Winter

Keeping families safe during the winter is always a priority. With cooler temps setting in, heaters and fireplaces are being used more. Holiday decorations get brought out, and because these items aren’t a part of our daily lives, hidden dangers may be present. To make sure that you and your tenants are working hard to […]

Everything You Should Know About the PA Eviction Process

Deciding to evict a tenant is never easy. In most cases, everyone is better served if differences can be sorted out amicably and without involving the courts. However, when lease violations are consistent or egregious or when a tenant becomes seriously behind on rent, landlords don’t have many options. If you’re reaching the end of […]

Buying an Investment Property for Rental Under the New Tax Plan

This guest post is from Onerent, a state-of-the-art leasing & property management service. Given the new proposed United States tax plan from the Trump administration, investing in real estate has some potential implications for a new investor. Most consider the changes extremely beneficial to first-time real estate investors in particular. To cover the basics first, […]

What to Look for in Hiring a Vendor

Managing a rental property and all the building and maintenance tasks that come along with it are often more than one person can handle, especially if there are many units or if you own several properties. Hiring vendors to help with things you do not have the time, equipment, or expertise to accomplish yourself is […]

Top 5 Flooring Options in Rental Property

Flooring can play a major role in the look and feel of your rental property. It’s more than just selecting a beautiful material. Choosing a type of flooring can also impact the functionality of the room which is why it’s important to take several factors into consideration: style, lifestyle, and budget. What can you afford […]

Thorough Move-Out Inspections

A move-out inspection is one of the most important responsibilities for landlords as they’re designed to protect both the property owner and the tenant during the separation process. However, with so many moving parts, it’s more common than not that important details are missed. Everything from landscaping, damage to floors, built up garbage, and more […]

5 Smart Home Upgrades for Philly Rental Property

Whether you’re looking to boost your home’s security, shave a few bucks from your energy bills, or simply make your life a little easier, smart home upgrades are always a great investment. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out this list of recommended smart home upgrades for any Philadelphia rental property. 1. […]