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The Landlord’s Guide to Lease Renewals

Low turnover and vacancy rates are essential to becoming a successful landlord. Renting out your home offers one of the best opportunities to build a steady stream of cash flow, should you find the right tenants for each property. Once the perfect tenants are in place, renewing their leases year to year is one of […]

9 Tips for Adding Serious Curb Appeal to Rental Your Property

First Impressions Matter Let’s say you’ve just brought a prospective tenant to view your Howard County property. Put yourself in their shoes for a second – what’s your first impression of the property when you look at its exterior? It might be tough to form an unbiased opinion, but envision your property and try your […]

When is it Legal to Refuse to Rent?

One of the first things successful landlords tell anyone thinking of renting out a property is to always select good tenants. It doesn’t take much for a bad tenant to turn your profitable investment into a money-losing nightmare. There are many federal, state, and local laws that limit the control you have to refuse to […]

Large Appliance Care: Tips for Making Them Last in Your Rental Home

Renting your home in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas includes a lot of responsibility. From tenant screening to collecting monthly rent payments and everything in between, it is easy for a landlord to neglect what is a major part of the rental home: large appliances. Appliances in your rental home are generally considered pieces […]

5 Tips for Painting Your Rental Property’s Interior

Part of being a good landlord in Maryland is keeping your property in good shape.  What better way to do that than add a fresh coat of paint? A good paint job is an affordable change that can have a major positive impact on the quality of tenants you attract. After all, your tenants want […]

When to Make Repairs Yourself and When to Get Professional Help

Being a Howard County landlord sometimes means dealing with narrow margins on your rental income. When repairs need to be made, most landlords are tempted to do all of the repairs themselves. But, sometimes making the repairs yourself is more expensive than simply hiring a professional to do the work. When you are trying to […]

Best Resources for Maryland Landlords

Sometimes being a landlord can feel a little like flying blind in a snowstorm on your first solo flight. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools and resources that help you get your bearings, plot your course, and make sure you land safely. Keep in mind that while all of the resources in this article […]

9 Ways to Be a Good Landlord to Your Tenant

You don’t have to do much searching online to find horror stories about overbearing, unfair landlords and how they mistreat their tenants. It’s a common problem and many landlords act that way as a result of constantly dealing with difficult tenants, tenants who never pay rent on time, and tenants who damage their property. Being […]

4 Cheap Investments to Improve Your Maryland Rental

With Montgomery County rentals becoming increasingly competitive, you need to find ways to make your property standout without losing your shirt. Many property improvements are too complex or expensive to complete between renters. The key is to invest in improvements that are simple and have a high return on investment.

How to Get Your Tenants to Pay Rent on Time

Dealing with late rent payments can be frustrating and costly for landlords, especially when it’s a recurring problem. Late rent payments can even lead to bigger hassles, like having to go through the Maryland eviction process. That’s the last thing you want to deal with as a landlord! If you’re getting late rent payments from […]