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The Case Against Move-In Incentives

A move-in incentive is generally something that motivates a potential tenant to move into your rental property. The same applies to those already leasing your property; a move-in incentive can be something that motivates them to renew their lease with you. These incentives are essentially bonuses or discounts for living in your home. The question […]

How to Avoid Roommate Trouble

Finding a qualified tenant to occupy your Anne Arundel County home becomes significantly easier when you allow roommates to enter into a lease agreement together. Widening the pool to those who wish to share your home makes living in your home more affordable because of the dual (or even triple) incomes. However, allowing roommates to lease […]

What Landlords Need to Know about Mold in Rental Properties

Mold contamination in homes, offices, and other indoor environments have been on the rise over the past 20 years. Though no one wants to hear that their rental home has mold polluting the air their tenants breathe, it is more common than one might like to admit. Unfortunately, discovering mold in your rental property can […]

4 Things Landlords Should Know Before Renting a Property with a Pool

For certain tenants, a swimming pool can add great appeal to a rental property. They might envision themselves hosting neighborhood barbecues near the water, spending an afternoon relaxing on a raft in the pool, or helping their kids learn how to swim. Plus, a swimming pool can add to the value of the property overall, […]

How Can I Painlessly (and Legally) Raise the Rent?

As a landlord, you undoubtedly already know that high tenant turnover can be costly. It’s much easier and cost-effective to retain good tenants than it is to advertise your property and try to find new ones. But what happens when you need to raise the rent? Whether you want to do it because of property […]

7 Tips for Planning and Taking a Relaxing Vacation as a Landlord

Many full time jobs allow employees to take a couple of weeks every year for vacation. Unfortunately, landlords often don’t have that luxury because taking care of tenants and properties requires 24/7 availability. Because of this, landlords often completely avoid taking vacations, which can cause burnout and frustration. While you might think working all of […]

When is it Legal to Refuse to Rent?

One of the first things successful landlords tell anyone thinking of renting out a property is to always select good tenants. It doesn’t take much for a bad tenant to turn your profitable investment into a money-losing nightmare. There are many federal, state, and local laws that limit the control you have to refuse to […]

Should You Allow Smoking in Your Rental Home?

Nationally speaking there has been a significant shift in the past two decades regarding policies surrounding smoking in public spaces such as workplaces, bars, and restaurants. It is common knowledge that smoking poses serious health risks. In fact, it is so serious that the American Cancer Society claims that up to 30% of all cancer […]

9 Tips for Building Healthy Tenant/Landlord Relationships

9 Tips for Building Healthy Tenant/Landlord Relationships

Being a successful Maryland landlord involves so much more than simply collecting a rent check. You’ve got to advertise, show your properties, review applications, keep track of paperwork and more. But you can’t just be concerned with the business side of being a landlord – to achieve success with property management in areas like Anne […]

Pest Control: Lease Considerations, Code Violations, and Top Prevention Tips

Pest Control: Lease Considerations, Code Violations, and Top Prevention Tips

Summertime in Anne Arundel County, Maryland is a time for tenants to invite family and friends over to your rental home for barbeques and pool parties. But what about those they do not invite into your home? We are talking about those tiny little pests that creep and crawl into your rental property seeking cooler […]