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Top 5 Property Management Mistakes in Anne Arundel County

property management mistakes Anne Arundel County

New to the property management world or looking to increase your property management IQ? We are here to help! Property management in Anne Arundel County can be challenging and can result in mistakes if you’re not careful. While some property management mistakes are minor and may not have much blowback, others could be costly! Try […]

How to Handle an Anne Arundel County Tenant Eviction During the Winter

If you have a tenant who is not paying rent or violating any other policy that warrants eviction, it’s probably time to serve the tenant a notice to vacate. The sooner you address this situation, the quicker you can prepare the property for a new tenant who will hopefully pay rent on time. Even a […]

Top 5 Renovations To Improve Your Income Property’s ROI

Part of becoming a successful landlord in Annapolis is making your rental property more valuable through renovations and upgrades. This will not only help you justify asking for higher monthly rent rates, but allow your property management company to place higher quality tenants in your property. Adding to that, renovations are known to increase your […]

What To Do if a Tenant Breaks the Lease and Moves Out

Your Maryland tenant may have a perfectly legitimate reason for wanting to break their lease agreement and move out. However, as a property owner that earns a living on the monthly rent you collect from your tenant, this type of situation is beyond an inconvenience, regardless of the reason your tenant wants to leave. When […]

9 Simple Updates to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Rental

You may feel that investing in energy efficiency for your Fort Meade rental properties is not the best use of time and money. After all, you are not the one living in the property, and therefore will not reap any of the benefits. Well, think again. Energy efficient updates to your rental become very appealing […]

5 Steps to Becoming an Organized Landlord in Annapolis

It seems that we all suffer the frustrating feeling of losing something one time or another. However, some of us are worse about keeping track of our things than others. Simply Orderly shared some statistics about just how bad some of us are at staying organized: The average American will spend 1 year of their […]

How to Go Paperless With Managing Your Rental Property

Proper bookkeeping is crucial to the success of any landlord. And, as portfolios begin to build, one tenant turns into ten, and the amount of documents you must keep on hand for not only your rental properties, but those occupying them, continues to grow. The next thing you know, your need for a paperless solution […]

5 Business Skills You Need as a Landlord

Many Americans have the dream of starting their own business. In fact, freedom from the corporate world, being your own boss, and making a lot of money, are the thoughts that dominate your mind when you’re feeling that entrepreneurial spirit. But running a business is a lot of work. Launching a rental property business and […]

The Landlord’s Guide to Rent Increases

Raising the rent on your Severn rental property is a normal part of the rental property business − your tenants surely expect it to happen at one point or another. And, unless your specific area has rent control policies in place, you are free to increase the rent on your property as you see fit. […]

Should You Offer Move-In Specials to Entice Tenants?

Staying ahead of the competition is tough when you are a property owner in Annapolis. As the capital of Maryland, and home to the United States Naval Academy, there are plenty of tenants looking for a great place to live here. And other property owners know it. If you are wondering how to stand out […]