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Why Bowie Was Rated One of the Safest Cities in America and What This Means for Your PG County Rental Property

Bowie Rated One of Safest Cities in AmericaRecently, security system guru SafeHome.org released its annual rankings of the top 101 safest cities in the United States. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the city of Bowie in Prince George’s County (PG County) was included on the list and ranked at number 68. The list aims to provide homeowners interested in home security and prospective homebuyers with a selection of cities they can feel safe purchasing, building, or renting.

Why Bowie?

Bowie, also known as a not-so-hidden gem in the PG County area, provides a close enough proximity to Annapolis, DC, and Baltimore to offer shoppers and culture-seekers relatively limitless opportunities before coming home to a safe, well-rounded community of their own. The large business and employment opportunities provided by all three cities plus Bowie itself makes Bowie an attractive option for professionals. Because of its growth and great schools, buyers and prospective renters wanting to establish roots in PG County have long had Bowie on the radar, and the SafeHome data only serves to strengthen Bowie’s reputation as an ideal Maryland city.

About SafeHome’s Ratings

To arrive at its ratings, SafeHome consulted the Chapman University Survey of American Fears to determine which statistics Americans genuinely care about. Then, it analyzed trusted FBI data compiled from over 13,000 law enforcement agencies. Overall, the site listed the number of violent crimes and property crimes, as well as the trends for both factors. It also included the total population of each city and the city’s citizen-to-officer ratio.

Together, the number of crimes and trends are analyzed to create a crime score. Then, the citizen-to-officer ratio and certain demographic information are compared to arrive at a safety score for each US city with over 50,000 residents. The safety rating and national percentile are listed alongside each city’s statistics.

Overall, Bowie garnered a safety score of 86.34, landing it firmly in the top 25% of the United States. With a listed population of 58,304, Bowie experienced only 66 violent crimes and 686 property crimes, a decrease of 14% and 20% respectively. Finally, Bowie reported a citizen-to-officer ratio of 869.

Positive Impact on the Housing Market in and Around Bowie

Overall, we believe inclusion on this list of safe cities will have a positive impact on Bowie’s housing market. Positive exposure for a city often results in an influx of buyers and renters. However, the fact that the SafeHome list specifically highlights one area that many prospective homebuyers and renters worry about when searching for a home – crime rates and relative safety – will likely lead to an even greater impact.

In addition, the SafeHome list offers an excellent opportunity for easy sharing of the positive safety features of Bowie. Homeowners and property managers can post the link to Bowie’s portion of the feature on social media for potential clients, tenants, and buyers to view. Alternatively, they can share the feature on future listings for homes in PG County. The additional positive exposure garnered by Baltimore news stories is sure to help spread the word about Bowie’s ideal locale far and wide.

Features We Believe Clients Will Notice

After prospective clients have the opportunity to read about Bowie’s national ratings regarding the relatively low crime rates and trends towards even more drastic drops in crime, clients are likely to continue to research the Bowie area. We believe these factors will attract even more buyers and renters to partake in the great amenities and safe community Bowie rental property’s offer:

  • Some of the best public and private schools in Maryland are in PG county schools.
  • PG county rental homes have great proximity to DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore.
  • Over 13 parks, dog parks, ball fields, and picnic areas are available.
  • Bowie State University is a number one value program in Maryland with an excellent liberal arts program.

Even before the SafeHome list’s release and renters were flocking to rental homes in Bowie, MD they were willing to pay more to do so to combat even more rapidly rising rates in nearby cities. As such, the average rent for a 900 square-foot apartment has increased 3% from 2018’s figures to nearly $1,708. The figure is well above the national average and promises to continue to rise for the time being. Surrounding areas are also seeing increases as well, following the same trend:

  • Greenbelt saw a 3% increase in average rent
  • Laurel saw a 3% increase as well
  • Upper Marlboro increased by 4%
  • Lanham saw the most significant increase – a 6% jump in rental prices

BMG Can Help You Find the Perfect Bowie Rental Property

If you are a real estate investor, now is the perfect time to look into Bowie, Maryland in beautiful Prince George’s County. The recent news, social media, and other positive exposure garnered by Bowie’s inclusion on the safest cities list will only add to the already excellent reputation Bowie has with local viewers. Since safety is one of the key elements any buyer or renter looks for, this article links directly to a buyer’s motivation.

New developments are arising every day in the Bowie area, and the time is now to begin to investigate properties within Bowie and throughout the PG County area. It’s becoming more and more popular with DC commuters to combat increased rent prices in other cities and cashing in on that trend can mean a great investment for you. Seize the opportunity now, while Bowie is in the media and the market is stimulated.

Once you’ve made your investment, BMG Laurel is your best choice for finding qualified potential tenants and choosing quality renters to ensure your investment thrives. You’ll find no company more qualified to manage your Bowie area and PG County rentals. Contact us today for more information about the local market as well as to inquire about our services.