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The BEST Places to Live in Laurel, MD

Living in Laurel MD

Laurel, Maryland is a beautiful place to live. It provides an affordable alternative to the expensive cost of living in neighboring Washington D.C. If you’re looking for the best place to live in Laurel, MD, we’ve got some tips to help you along the way.

Best Places to Live in Laurel, MD

If you’re wondering where to rent in Laurel, be sure to consider your budget and lifestyle before deciding on a place. Next, think about location. Laurel has a good mix of neighborhoods. It’s an incredibly ethnically diverse community, offering a wide range of prices and amenities, depending on which neighborhood you choose. But, like most places, what you’d consider “best” may not work well for someone else. Here, we’ll highlight a few awesome options and their specific characteristics to help you make a more informed decision about the best places to rent in Laurel, MD.

City Center

Prices in City Center are a little higher than other parts of Laurel, but that’s because you’re within walking distance of tons of fun things to do. By definition, City Center offers city living. This is a middle-income neighborhood, boasting tons of diversity. In fact, according to NeighborhoodScout.com, Laurel City Center is more diverse than nearly any city in America. 3.9% of its residents speak African languages at home, which is more than 98.2% of all neighborhoods in the U.S.

North Laurel

North Laurel is one of the best places to rent for people who are planning to commute to D.C. The median age is 33, according to livability.com, meaning it’s perfect for young professionals and people who are starting families. Almost 60% of residents in Laurel are renters, which means that if you’re wondering where to rent in Laurel, you may have found your match!


Scaggsville is one of the pricier neighborhoods in Laurel, but if you’re looking for a place where government workers reside, you’ll find safety in numbers in this community.

Living in Laurel, Maryland

Laurel is a place where plenty of indoor and outdoor entertainment opportunities exist. There are over 200 acres of parks and open spaces in Laurel, providing residents places to hike, picnic, or simply hang out outside. The area includes a number of museums, great shopping downtown, and, of course, easy access to the nation’s capital.

Laurel is known for being a family-friendly city, offering several playgrounds and kid-friendly restaurants where you can relax with family members of all ages. When you review Laurel, MD reviews, be sure to keep in mind that everybody’s lifestyles are different. Howard County neighborhoods are known for great schools. Communities in Prince George’s County tend to be more affordable than other areas. Anne Arundel County is a bit of the middle line in Laurel, offering a mix of more affordable and slightly pricier rental properties. The Howard and Maryland County portions of Laurel tend to come at higher costs but can also offer greater amenities.

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